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Tech Nerds: You CAN Fall in Love With Your iPhone



I always knew there was something between my man and his iPhone. All I’ve wanted was proof.

A new study from researchers at Arizona State University discovered that people can have romantic feelings and even fall in love with inanimate objects such as cell phones, computers, or pretty much anything. A little while ago, I blogged on my own site about “objectum sexuals” which are people who have sex with objects like the Berlin Wall (seriously). But ASU’s research indicates something different entirely.

Their study reveals that people can have “special relationships” on an emotional level with their stuff. This instantly made me think of all the attention my man gives his iPhone. If I leave the room for ONE SECOND, he quickly pulls it out and devours any new information Engadget or Gizmodo may have posted in the last five minutes.

I’ve seen men lust over their Xboxes, PC’s, and televisions, but something about the iPhone breeds an obsessive love like I’ve never seen. And it’s not just my man. Plenty of my girlfriends have complained about their men sneaking off to the bathroom to just “check something out” on the iPhone. Well, now, ASU’s study has made it clear. Ladies, we are being cheated on. Emotionally, that is, and we all know that an emotional affair can hurt so much more (tearing up).

Clearly, I can’t be in a relationship with infidelity, so he’s going to have to choose.

Me, or the iPhone.

I’m sure my stuff will be outside by the time this posts.

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Image: Flickr/Luke Roblewski

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  1. Tiffani says:

    This is really weird… Could it just be the girls don’t understand? Have you ever picked up an iPhone? I’m posting this comment from my iPhone right now and I am female and engaged to be married to a man who also owns an iPhone. They’re pretty amazing devices and since trying one out for the first time 2 years ago, I could never go back to a regular phone. As long as your man makes time for you, what does it matter what tech blogs he’s checking up on on his iPhone in his spare time? I’d rather have my guy hooked on tech than hooking up with other girls.

  2. Nick says:

    I think a threesome is in order, just put the phone on vibrate. Everyone can be happy.

  3. Saso Alauf says:

    actually they had a whole episode in Boston Legal in 2004 (I think) about that…

  4. Double R says:

    Why should he have to choose between You or the iPhone? Why are you so jealous of an electronic object? As long as he isn’t sexting anyone let it alone.

    Forcing this choice might make him wonder: Which is easiest to upgrade?