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Teacher Threatens Class With GAME OF THRONES Spoilers

A high school teacher has pulled a vile ploy comparable to a Lannister’s promise: he’s threatened his unruly class with Game of Thrones spoilers.

When his class of misfits didn’t settle down, a Belgian math teacher asked how many of them watch the fantasy drama. After the majority of the class raised their hands, he responded with, “Well, I’ve read all the books. If there is too much noise, I will write the names of the dead on the board. They [the dead] are enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die.”

When the students believed it was an empty threat, he began to write those who’ve been killed off in Season Three, which was enough for the students to continue working in silence. Personally, I’d take a ruler beating over Game of Thrones spoilers any day.

Think this is Ramsay Snow-style cruel and unusual punishment or a Littlefinger-genius type of move? Sound off in the comments below.

HT: The Daily Telegraph

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  1. Ben Z says:

    @ollesvensk That is funny. Not only was this article late, it was already disproven! Yet more reason not to post news over a week old.

  2. Jenella says:

    Hahaha!! I hadn’t heard this yet and I think it’s great. If it gets the class to behave then go for it. I’ve read all the books and find myself telling my friends the same thing if they’re getting a little annoying.

  3. vismund says:

    VCR? 🙂

  4. Ben Z says:

    @Tillburg Ok, my mother is 1985 tech savvy? She can email and she has like 8 facebook accounts to play facebook games on (and to send her main account items or whatever), but she can’t for the life of her program the VCR, digital clocks, or hook up the Wii. Either way, it always amazes me when my mother emails me, let alone emails me recent news articles.

  5. Tillburg says:

    @BenZ did you seriously just say your mom isn’t tech savvy AND emailed you a LINK?! It took me 3 days to teach my mom how to power down the computer. 3 DAYS! She’s not tech savvy!

  6. Ben Z says:

    I get that we’re in a 24-hour, always wanting the latest information world. So, I’m more than willing to give a little leeway to an article I saw recently. However, this news is 9 days old. I saw it on a professional forum over a week ago. Heck, my mother (who is not technologically savvy) emailed it to me this weekend. Can we just make a rule that if news is over a week old (preferably over 3 days old), it won’t be reposted on Nerdist?

  7. Emma Castro says:

    Definitely worthy of the Littlefinger-genius accolade! Sounds like a very smart man!