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“Map of Tasmania”
Amanda Palmer & The Young Punx
from the album Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under out January 21st

This is dang catchy. And hilarious. I’ve never heard of a lady’s sex triangle referred to as “a map of Tasmania” but I have a feeling it will soon permeate our cultural vernacular. And I’m pretty sure I also spotted a couple of Fiji maps under each arm of delightful songstress Amanda Fucking Palmer.

via Laughing Squid

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  1. Barny Boo says:

    Come on, comment, why you gotta pop up after hours and hours of looking like you’re not there? I feel like such a fool now, double comment. What will the internet think of me now?

  2. Barny Boo says:

    I say grow that shit like a jungle!

    This is wonderful. Amanda Palmer, give me back my heart already. Come on.

  3. Barny Boo says:


    This is wonderful. Amanda Palmer, give me back my heart already. Come on.

  4. Deltus says:

    Gawd, what a catchy tune! That’s going to be playing in my head all day.

  5. A Passing Tasmanian says:

    Cor Blimey!

  6. some european internet guy says:

    In Europe it’s referred to as “tilted, slightly scrunched together map of Sicily”.

  7. ohsnap says:


  8. Matt says:

    I was lucky enough to have a very closeup encounter with Amandas Fiji maps last year. She is seriously awesome, funny, talented and adorable. Neil Gaiman is such a lucky bastard. Double feature podcast with those two à la Smodcast? Make it happen, Chris! Please please please. Pretty please.

  9. This made my night. Now I want an uber couture bush. Would mine be argyle? bullet proof? strobing? It’s not something one thinks about every day.

  10. WWKD says:

    I shall do just that. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Daniel S says:

    WWKD? if you want to here Amanda Palmer and Niel Gaiman together on a podcast check out this special edition of smodcast

  12. Gerald Englebretsen says:

    Also totally (and visually) explained in the last frame of the new video with a literal map of Tassie held by Amanda …
    Amanda herself has explained that after the initial delight about finding out herself what it meant – a friend told her about what boys used to yell out of cars at girls, or a common playground taunt in Oz when giving someone the rev up – she wrote the song about empowerment, about girls not being forced to conform .. all the fads about body shape, etc etc. That is the true beauty of the song – it has a message much deeper than the initial tittelation!

  13. Chris Hardwick says:

    Evonne28: I think it’s cute that you don’t think I understand what the reference means. I had just never heard it is all, and I dated a girl from Brisbane for four years. I did once hear an Aussie refer to it as a “growler”, which I always enjoyed.

  14. GuanoLad says:

    You’ll get more successful search results if you look up “Map of Tassie” as that’s how the Aussies refer to it. It’s an extremely common phrase down here.

    Cue: “Down Under” reference.

  15. Evonne28 says:

    Chris – look at the shape of Tasmania on a map. This will help in your enlightenment.

  16. OhNoThatGuy says:

    Theres a older song by an australian singing comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson where he refers to lady parts as the map of tasmania

  17. WWKD? says:

    You know, you should work your nerdist magic and get a double shot of podcasts with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman… Think about it…

  18. Joe says:

    My wife’s Australian…She’s always referred to it as her “mappa tazzy”.