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TARDIS in Orbit Project: Update #1

Alex and Robert Doyle launched a Kickstarter project back in May to put a TARDIS into orbit, taken into outer space via the payload dock of a commercial rocket used for satellites. Seemed an out-there concept, but within eight days they’d raised the $33,000 they asked for, and by the end of the month of the campaign they’d gotten over $88,000, simply because people liked the idea and liked the Doyles’ spunk. Lots of people, actually: over 3,200 people.

At its heart, Doctor Who is a show that creates community and brings people together, and, as the Doyles recount in their first project update video, it became more than them merely putting a TARDIS into space. It’s about a silly, weird, delightful television program being the building blocks upon which friendships and connections are fastened. And it brought this father and daughter together, too. Pretty great, right?


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  1. Katie says:

    The only thing I have a real problem with for this is it is adding to space junk ultimately. And no the Tardis isn’t junk, and yes for the basic idea of it i like it. But there is no scientific or practical use for this. It could in fact end up being a danger to things already up there, such as the Hubble or the ISS if it runs into one of these things or gets into a decaying orbit. We already have a problem with Space Junk and I am worried this will unnecessarily add to it.

  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    The first time I saw the first video of the Doyle’s I did not trust them . I still don’t ,but I will concede and say ,that was a nice video ,maybe too nice . If fans are happy ,then that is that . Perhaps a few questions ….maybe the could be answered .
    1. Is the BBC behind this ,meaning two things
    (a). Did the Doyle’s get approval from the BBC to use the name and likeness of the Doctor and the TARDIS ? ….or
    (b). Is the BBC …really REALLY behind this ,and the Doyle’s are just actors ,and this was planned all along . ?I mean with the 50th coming up ,Nerdist posting every step and being really the first place I saw the whole plan . If not the Doyle’s took a mighty big risk and so did Kickstarter ,trust me companies are really protective of their BRANDS .
    (c) . Again I will say and ask ,all that the extra money raised will get is a PDF file sent to those people who gave I think it was ten dollars or more …..what about the plan for a bigger TARDIS ???
    That is my thing ,if you lie about one promise ,how can this whole thing be trusted .
    But like I said ,I did not give ,because I did not trust them ,also thier is HUNGRY KIDS around the world ,including in the US and the UK , so I really should not care .
    Yes the little boy crying is a SWEET STORY (well written too ,like a story from Doctor Who ) ,but that boy crying in that ally without anything to eat ….that is reality .

  3. Dexter West says:

    Absolutely love it. love everything about it. Your following your dreams. Keep doing that. Please respond to this comment @ [email protected] Also see my adventures at Comic Con International 2013 @