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TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Melissa McBride, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Phil Brooks

On tonight’s episode of Talking Dead, the aftershow followingThe Walking Dead on AMC hosted by Chris Hardwick, Carol — Melissa Mc Bride — and a couple of superfans returning for another round of analysis and talk about everybody’s favorite zombie show, Yvette Nicole Brown of Community and a guy named Phil Brooks. Phil who? Oh, you know him by his WWE stage name, CM Punk. Yup, they’re back, and if you saw how they hit it off the first time they shared the Talking Dead stage, you know it’ll be a lot of fun.

They, and Melissa, and Chris are also, of course, ready to answer your questions about TWD, so post over at the AMC website where they’re collecting viewer questions and comments, and then watch Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after The Walking Dead on AMC.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Ok so my mom, my sisters, and I have been arguing over what Melissa was wearing on the show (Talking Dead of course lol). We loved her necklace but I was trippin out on her rings! I thought they were like claws/talons of a bird (do birds have claws? O_o) and a wing or something but my mom and sisters say that they’re just rings and I’m bring stupid. Sooooo to help us out and quit our arguing, could you let us know what they were? (Hahaha this is the most dumbest question ever)…

  2. Hector Cardona says:

    Ms. McBride delivered the most dramatic moment in the history of television broadcasting. She was electrifying. Her depiction of Carol executing Lizzie has no words. My insides were turned inside out and tears of horror, sadness and revolt jumped from my eyes. I am a 73 year old man and not easily moved by theater but this was a moment that will stay with me for God knows how long. Tyrese played the background leading to “look at the flowers” to a tee! His mounting horror at what was unfolding before his eyes drove the drama above and beyond anything I ever witnessed in theater. A special Academy Award should be announced next year for the greatest piece of acting ever depicted on the large or small screen.
    The only drawback was the after show, “The talking Dead”. Laughter and comedy should not have been allowed on that show on this night. That Ms. McBride was emotionally affected was patently visible by her demeanor on the “Talking Dead”. She, Ms. McBride, must have been horrified by the jokes of the other guests. The TD should apologize for those gaffs. I thought that “Lost” was sthe best ever but this show beats anything on TV hands down. Thanks for those moments that justifies my feelings for the Walking Dead. Thank You Ms. Mcbride.

  3. FreshMetal says:

    @Louis – In regards to the comparison between Rick and Carol means of punishment, Rick knew that Carol was a capable person that could survive on her own and even gave her a car full of supplies. Lizzie, on the other hand, is just a child that can’t fend for herself, and whose view of walkers was only going to lead to a gruesome death. Killing her, in a way, was the only humane solution.

  4. Louis says:

    Of course, Tyreese SAID he forgives Carol. Carol said he and Judith could not make it on their own, nor could they stay. So what choice did he have, but to make nice until he and Judith were safe.

  5. Louis says:

    First, please do not show this to Melissa McBride to avoid her altering how she plays Carol. Second, the emotional investment many have made in Carol have blinded them to her and I hope I can open their eyes. Carol lost her humanity and became a monster. She became self-righteous and indoctrinated the children with her views. Lizzie embraced her training, lost her humanity and became a monster as well. Just as Carol viewed Karen and Dave as a problem and ‘knew what to do’, Lizzie applied the same thought process to what she viewed as a problem. Mika resisted the first monster, retaining her humanity, only to have it literally killed by the second monster she did not see coming due to her emotional investment. Carol absolves herself by claiming Lizzie was a monster from the start and arrogantly believes if she cannot help Lizzie, no one can. Carol pronounces sentence on Lizzie, just as Rick pronounced sentence on Carol, but Carol executes it by death, rather than banishment. Trust Carol at your own peril.

  6. graxinha says:

    Did Melissa seem to want to cry during the whole show?

  7. Anthony says:

    @KortlynnLandry – Nobody died. They all live happily ever after in the house they find. Now continue looking at the pretty flowers *|* *|* *|* ….Blam!

  8. Are you have a stroke says:

    What the heck was wrong with melissa in talking dead?
    So needs to get out of character.

  9. bayleigh says:

    What happen to baby Judith did she die or did Carol take her with her

  10. Did those little girls really die

  11. Did the little girls really die