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TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Chris Jericho and Gillian Jacobs

After you watch The Walking Dead tonight, stay tuned to AMC for another edition of Talking Dead, the aftershow with Chris Hardwick. Tonight, it’s pro wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and our ol’ pal Gillian Jacobs of Community fame talking about the episode just concluded and answering your questions.

Say, you DO have questions, do you not? Then go to the Talking Dead site at and post said questions. And then watch Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after The Walking Dead on AMC.

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  1. boB says:

    No Manson = +1000 internets

  2. Bill says:

    Chris, I love the show; I have watched every episode. After watching the episode with Chris Jericho, your show hit a new level. This was the first time, except maybe with CM Punk, Yvette Nicole Brown or a few others that a celebrity guest was passionate about the show and was able to master discussing great insights about the plot and characters without hijacking the show with their ego, awkwardness or desire to plug in jokes instead of adding to the discussion. I am not just referring to MM. The rapport between you and Jericho was great. I know it would be a bold move that may not go over well with some who need variety, but I think a show with you two discussing the Walking Dead with people from the Walking Dead show each week would be much more enjoyable to watch. Jericho had it all, the best guest to date. I believe he has earned a permanent seat on the couch. If I was a Producer of Talking Dead, I’d be think how can I get more Jericho into my show. I have no idea if he is available or willing, and I have never seen him before. Last time I watched wrestling Vince McMahon just interviewed the wrestlers. Thanks.

  3. VMcK says:

    Chris, you handled Marilyn Manson beautifully, and Chris Jericho was amazing, what an awesome show! Also, has anyone thought, that in her state, Carol (who hasn’t met the Governor), could hear the broadcast on the radio and figure out where it’s coming from and go there and it could be the Governor? He can be very charming, and they both have lost a child, and although I’m not saying she’s as sick as he is, perhaps being cut from the team at the prison and her continued obsession with “being strong” and all that would make her vulnerable to the Governor’s craziness and the two of them together would run another Woodbury type place, where she wouldn’t have the (normal person, moral) reservations Andrea did…just typing out loud…

    Anyway, you are a fantastic host, my husband and I have always watched Walking Dead, but starting last season, we recorded all of your shows as well…can’t watch WD without TD in our house! Thanks for your hard work!

  4. grim says:

    When Chris said that there is going to be a surprise guest next week I was like, “Awww fuck, somebody gon’ die!”

  5. Shawn says:

    Jericho was great last night! Really stark contrast to last week’s MM debacle. Chris H. handled him (MM) just about perfectly I thought. Keep up the good show.

  6. David says:

    I’ve figured it out: WWE Wrestler + Community Star = Talking Dead Awesomeness.

  7. Drakeo says:

    Loved it…

    Best episode since the CM Punk/Yvette Nicole Brown episode..


    I do agree on the whole manson debacle…I was so close to stop watching the show but then chris saved it!..

    I don’t hate marylin manson but he was fucking up the show last week..

  8. Dave says:

    Sorry Chris, but the Manson debacle was one of the greatest moments I’ve ever seen on television if only for the sake of watching you and the other guests snark on him. He ruined the show, but you were great.

    Glad things are back to normal though, Gillian is great!

  9. Lindsay says:

    Hi Chris,
    I love your show and the walking dead but you need to seriously correct something you said at the end of talking dead this week. You mentioned that they need to get the antibiotics to kill this swine flu virus but antibiotics don’t kill viruses. Hershel even says, in a previous episode, that the antibiotics won’t kill the virus but might help with the symptoms to keep people alive. I know this is a silly point to be a stickler about but as a health care professional I see how overburdened our healthcare system is by people who want drugs that won’t help their viral illnesses as well as the effects of antibiotic resistant organisms that could one day create the illness that leads to the zombie apocalypse ; )

  10. Ted says:

    You know, I used to think that The Talking Dead was the most pointlessly asinine show on television, but now that I see that I will soon have a chance to fulfill my lifelong dream of finding out what professional wrestler Chris Jericho thinks about zombies and whatnot, I can feel in my bones that my opinion may be about to change.