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TALKING DEAD Sunday: Marilyn Manson, Jack Osbourne, Gale Anne Hurd

TalkingDead102713GRIDWhat show could possibly have a panel of Marilyn Manson, Jack Osbourne, and producer Gale Anne Hurd, all discussing The Walking Dead and answering your questions live as soon as the episode’s over? Only one: AMC’s Talking Dead, hosted by our own Chris Hardwick. And that’s what you’ll get tonight, in the Halloween week edition of the afterlife… er, aftershow.

talkingdeadlogo2013As always, post your The Walking Dead questions to the Talking Dead site at and post your question. And then watch Talking Dead at 10/9c, right after The Walking Dead on AMC.

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  1. Mary says:

    Ive been a loyal watcher from the beginning. But even though the governor got his in the end, the show lost me completely and forever when Hershel was murdered. The show could have been just as entertaining without his death. You have lost me forever. I am completely done now.

  2. Goose says:

    Wow, imo Manson came off as blatantly facetious and sarcastic with most of his supposed non-lucid comments. He did ramble on but I think Chris would admit he is no stranger to rambling himself. Unfortunately Chris decided to condescend to his guest. He could have handled it differently and turned it into a hilarious episode, but sadly he took everything Manson said seriously and came off as a bully, a bully with no sense of humor. Nerd bullying is the worst, you’re supposed to be the intelligent one, to me condescension is worse than a punch to the face. Hope Chris does the right thing if something like this happens again. If Manson was in actuality stoned or drunk, would have been better to just have him quietly removed during a break.

  3. UrAllMorons says:

    For the ppl that think Manson didn’t make any sense…you’re all morons. Are u seriously so stupid that u couldn’t comprehend what he was saying? LOL, I mean c’mon…I’m not even a fan of Manson & I could understand what he was saying! Don’t be fooled by his appearance…it’s known that he’s an extremely intelligent individual. Maybe if u read up on things once in a while (or read at all) u would be able to get what’s going on around u. Morons lol

  4. Doc says:

    Chris Hardwick is a bully, pure and simple. MM was obviously impaired and that is not funny. Toward the end of the show MM started making some sense and the kind thing to do would have been to listen. Jack obviously has some manners and was being kind. Making fun of and degrading someone on national TV does not make Chris Hardwick look cool, just mean. MM obviously had no control over himself. he should have been removed from the set instead of being shamed and ridiculed. It is a sick society where making fun of sick people is thought to be entertaining. I have lost all respect for Chris Hardwick. I liked him before this.

  5. Eric says:

    If that old dude who looks like he ate Marylin Manaon is ever on again, I’m not watching. What an attention hound.

  6. SuckaNigga says:

    Walking Dead is garbage.

  7. DidUSeeDidUSeeTheDoctorandMe says:

    Have you been to the AMC ‘forum’ for WD? Bwaaaaa, what a herd of knobs, all slobbering for some AMC swag and acknowledgement…lol

  8. SuckaNigga says:

    Walking Dead is shit.