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Take a Tour Of LEGO JURASSIC WORLD In This New Trailer

What could possibly go wrong in a park filled with giant carnivorous lizards? I would argue it’s a bad idea to make an attraction out of large man eating creatures, but what do I know? At least the LEGO versions can’t possibly be as dangerous. This new trailer for LEGO Jurassic World invites you to take a tour of the “completely safe” park full of majestic building blocks.

The trailer gives you a nice glimpse of all of the awe-inspiring stackable’s that you will be exploring on your stroll down imagination lane. Take a look at the gyrosphere that allows you to run with the beasts themselves, the underwater Mosasaurus, and even the Lego creation lab that spawned the mega-mind of the Indominous Rex. As if the T-Rex wasn’t already scary, it now has long arms.


Feast your eyes on the trailer above and digest the beautiful sights yourself. Just make sure not to step on any LEGOs since the park, like the trailer states, “is not liable for any personal injury.” LEGO Jurassic World is, of course, an adaptation of sorts for the upcoming film, so it even features what looks like a Chris Pratt blocky Raptor trainer.

The game releases June 12th on practically every platform, including last generation home consoles. Pre-ordering will also give you access to some free downloadable content specific to each platform as seen below.

The PS3 and PS4 exclusive Jurassic Park Trilogy Pack #1 includes:

  • Dino Handler
  • Eric Kirby
  • Paul Kirby
  • Animal Control Vehicle

Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive Jurassic Park Trilogy Pack #2 that includes:

  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Lex Murphy
  • Tim Murphy
  • Iain Malcolm’s San Diego Cruiser

These are some meaty additions. If you don’t want to pre-order the game before knowing if it’s any good, but still want the content, don’t worry– it will be available for purchase separately. Now, stack your thoughts about this once in a life time tour of LEGO dinosaurs in the comments section below and let us know if you will be purchasing the game.

HT: VG 24/7

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