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Take A Dalek Out For A Spin

The Daleks are here for your children. And maybe you, if you scrunch up real small:

You know it’s wrong. But if they made adult-sized versions, you would SO want these.

HTs: BuzzFeed, Jonah Ray, BBC America

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  1. Valjean says:

    THX that’s a great awsenr!

  2. Jesper says:

    Sorry to be the uber-nerd here, but this is not a Dalek. This is simply battle armor. If those kids were wearing Dalek masks, then you could call it a Dalek. I’ll buy a pint for the first adult to buy one, cut the top off and go on a rampage as Davros though, though Hardwick may be the only one light enough to drive it.

  3. kyleawhile says:

    Who’s an emotionless, unstoppable, killing machine; you’re an emotionless, unstoppable, killing machine. yes i know they’re cyborgs

  4. yogahz says:

    3 km/hour, that’s good enough. It does fly, right?

  5. samantha Morgan says:

    Where can I get one my size!

  6. Amanda says:

    I’ve never considered spawn until now.

  7. swagers says:

    Perfect!!! I just taught my 2 year old to say Exterminate like a Dalek.

  8. smartbunny says:

    Why are they not inhabited by squid-like creatures??

  9. Art says:

    Shame on BBC. Know your audience. The true demographic should have been drunk nerds ready to take to the streets in these things!

  10. adAnt says:

    See, kids! Genocide can be fun. Now get in your Dalek and exterminate the neighbors cat.

  11. CaptainxBumout says:

    This is better than those cars you ride in when your young. Unfortunantly even those weren’t available when I was young. Either way I would buy an adult size one just for show and ride it when i’m alone at home.