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Take a Bite Out of Friendship with ADVENTURE TIME Oreo Necklaces

Take a Bite Out of Friendship with ADVENTURE TIME Oreo Necklaces

Food is a popular topic in Adventure Time. Finn the Human and Jake the Dog regularly discuss edibles such as bacon pancakes, burritos, and apple pies. The Land of Ooo even has the Candy Kingdom; the residents are walking and talking cinnamon buns, gumdrops, and other desserts. It is the most appropriate thing in the world that Etsy seller Momomony turns the characters into wearable jewelry shaped like Oreo cookies. You can’t actually take a bite out of these necklaces (and why would you want to?!) but look at how sweet they are:


Monika Alexandria is the maker behind the Etsy shop, and she sculpts polymer clay like a magician. She has Finn, Jake, and Peppermint Butler Oreo necklaces in stock, but she takes custom requests. Oh my glob, think of all the Adventure Time Oreos you could order! Lumpy Space Princess would make a perfect Oreo and so would Tree Trunks and Cinnamon Bun and… you get the idea. Basically all of the characters ever.


Each necklace pendant is sculpted by hand and painted. You could buy them separately but getting the Finn and Jake combo would be great if you’re purchasing necklaces for yourself and a friend. Like Donna and Tom would say, treat yo self. You deserve it and so does your pal.


You can purchase these Adventure Time necklaces as well as a plethora of sweet accessories from Momomony on Etsy. I’d feel good about purchasing everything in the shop. Monika even makes poop look cute. I mean, come on.

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  1. pearl says:

    hi pearls here were is lsp shes my favorite why is she not around

  2. solenn says:

    mathematical how can i buy it by the way the characters of faces are sooooooo cute

  3. georga says:

    how cute i want some how much

  4. geleane says:

    how to ship and how much is itwhatttt tell me please i like these necklaces even if i dont live in america

  5. bell says:

    why cant i see the price

  6. kelsea says:

    how can we get them?

  7. Youe says:

    how can i buy these? from order? but i’m not Amarican! please tell me? I want these necklaces….

  8. Youe says:

    How can i buy these? if iam not live in USA!! I’m Cambodian…please… I want it!

  9. tricia says:



  11. Liz says:

    Omg these are adorable!! I would totally want a Gunther one!! Cute idea!

  12. abbey says:

    How much are they 

  13. Kat says:

    Is there LSP??? I would love her!! ❤️❤️❤️