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SyFy Parody: Snake Lake

My pals in the phenomenal sketch group Elephant Larry have made a SyFy Original Movie parody trailer so spot on that I wouldn’t be surprised if SyFy ends up doing it for reals.

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  1. shane says:

    “Get ready your on after the donkey show”

  2. Jak Crow says:

    Ironic that when SciFi got MST3k, they bragged about all the material they would have for Mike and the bot to rip on, yet when it came to it, SciFi seemed to purposefully avoid giving them their “SciFi Original Movies”, despite everyone knowing they were pretty much THAT bad.

  3. Deltus says:

    If that movie got made, it’d become one of the better drinking game movies out there.

  4. algonacchick says:

    Wow, after that novel of a comment above mine, I almost feel obligated to post an even longer one. But, I won’t. That was really funny! Sadly, it’s almost better that an actual SyFy Original Movie. I’ll add that I hate how they switched from SciFi. SyFy is so hokey. Perhaps that’s why their movies are, too.

  5. Barny Boo says:

    I often think of awesomeness (as a function of badness) as a sort of half pipe…

    If you transpose this half pipe onto the face of the clock you enter the half pipe at 3, which represents the terrible, awful, and saddeningly underproduced. Unadorned, straightforward, BAD MOVIES.

    Speeding along towards 6 you reach the bottom of the bowl where badness has outdone itself to become Hilariously Bad. Movies so corny and so quite possibly intentional they achieve numerous online memes and are paragons of irony for sometimes decades after.

    Very often though, inertia – as it is wont to do – thrusts a movie beyond this midpoint and up the other end of the halfpipe towards the lip on the far side. Movies balanced precariously on this lip, in a pool of vomit and malice are those movies so surpassingly awful and so mercilessly hokey that they are Too Bad to Make Fun Of. You can’t make yourself sit through them. Opportunities for sarcasm and derision are so numerous at first, you sit down to watch thinking this night of commentary could launch you up there with the likes of MST3K. But all too soon you realize that nothing could be worth raping your eyeballs and chemically peeling away the brain cells it would take to see yourself through to the credits. It’s just too bad. Even you have standards. Even you.
    It happened once when my best friend McLane and some of her friends gathered ’round to watch the Star Wars Christmas Special. A movie renowned for it’s elusiveness and its sheerly horriffic badness, they thought they’d be in for a laugh without much help from themselves or from the alcohol. But all too soon, going to the bathroom or kitchen was their only release, and about halfway through the rest of the group would pause it until you got back, just to spite the you, who thought you were clever this time. It was a hateful, embittered battle of women versus a movie they thought they could wrestle into Hilariously Baddom. No one was having fun. No one dared joke like that ever again.

    Sometimes, with backsliding, a few shining moments, perhaps a rad behind-the-scenes thing or some sadlarious blip on the internet about how all the actors were drunk and everyone hated making the movie, it can travel back down the halfpipe to the center where it’s funny again… but not often.

    My point of course being that I think SciFi, er, excuse me, SyFy Original Movies are on the far lip of the halfpipe. Whereas, say, LIFETIME Original Movies are plopped pretty firmly in the middle for me.
    This is still a hilarious clip though. I get it.

  6. Are you sure this movie wasn’t on Syfy? i think i saw it once. lol

  7. Jak Crow says:

    Unfortunately, the “Red” movie Felicia has been cast in is also a syfy Saturday night “movie”.

  8. Meteornotes says:

    That was awesome.

    And I would love to see Central Park Shark right now!

  9. Joni says:

    Maybe they can do a double feature of Snake Lake and Central Park Shark.

  10. aerinah says:

    This one does look way more sophisticated than SyFy’s Megashark Vs. Giant Octopus, that’s for sure.

    (I wish I had made that up, but alas – it’s real.)

  11. divephotog says:

    Yup, look for Syssyfied to do this soon… -kh

  12. onorette says:

    That’s about the quality of most SyFy originals, yeah.