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They’ve Retconned Superman’s Origins After 80 Years

Warning: This post features spoilers for Action Comics #1,000!

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the Man of Steel. Superman made his first appearance in the pages of Action Comics #1, and this week, Action Comics #1,000 is in stores with stories by several different writers and artists. Former Marvel mainstay, Brian Michael Bendis, even contributed the first story of his new DC deal alongside artist Jim Lee. And in their tale, Bendis and Lee introduced a major new element to Superman’s origin story. Today’s Nerdist News is offering a few theories about what this means for Superman’s past and present.

Join host and the second-to-last daughter of Krypton, Jessica Chobot, as she introduces readers to Rogol Zaar. If you’ve seen one intergalactic warlord come to Metropolis to kick Superman’s ass then you’ve seen them all. Rogol Zaar even takes out Supergirl for good measure. But what separates Rogol Zaar from the pack is his wild claim that he is personally responsible for the destruction of Krypton.

That is a pretty bold change that goes against almost every previous incarnation of Superman. But is it really the truth? Or will DC pull a “from a certain point of view” twist to keep the continuity intact? Rogol Zaar could easily be lying, or perhaps he really believes that he personally ended Krypton. Either scenario could give him a psychological edge over Superman.

The established story is that Krypton’s destruction was a natural disaster, perhaps in part because the Kryptonian government didn’t act in time to save the people. Could Rogol Zaar have undone the efforts of Superman’s father, Jor-El, to stop the catastrophe? Or did Rogol Zaar go full Darth Vader and unleash a super weapon to kill the planet and everyone on it? We may soon find out, because Bendis’ Superman run officially begins with The Man of Steel #1 on Wednesday, May 30.

What do you think about Rogol Zaar as the destroyer of Krypton? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: DC Comics

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