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Sudo Make Me A Wedding Cake

Some romantical and awesome nerds had this xkcd cake made for their wedding day. I don’t have many words for this, but all I can hope is that I can one day meet a cute nerdy boy who wouldn’t mind referencing an emo-math webcomic on our effing wedding cake. I wonder how hard the happy couple’s parents shook their heads when they saw this. Want. Now.

[via Neatorama]

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Image: Pink Cake Box

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  1. Marcus says:

    re: Rachael

    So are you really a linux chick?

  2. Rachael Oehring says:

    re: Marus

    Hahaha I was hoping someone would get that joke! Yesss.

  3. Marus says:

    You had me @ “sudo make me a wedding cake”.

    If only I can figure out why 10.4 keeps asking for my keyring password.

  4. Matthew Burnside says:

    That is the greatest cake of all time.

  5. Erich Gubler says:

    I remember that XKCD! LOL, it’s good to see a good joke applied somewhere like that. It makes me feel vindicated in my web browsing. XD

  6. andoran_g33k says:

    Go xkcd!!!

  7. Amrehlu says:

    Holy shit, that is awesome, I don’t approve of weddings and marriage because they should rightly be a dead and long gone thing, but this is fantastic. I love that webcomic, I love whoever made this cake, and I might love the people who requested it to be created.

  8. Grace DeGuingois says:

    That cake is adorable. I approve of its existence. 🙂