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Striking Alternate Minimalist Movie Posters for HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, and More

Fans like seeing different artistic takes on posters for their favorite films. I mean, have you ever tried to purchase a limited edition Mondo poster? The art frequently sells out in minutes and the rush on a sale often makes their site crash. Besides Mondo, there are also groups of artists who participate in projects like Blurppy’s Poster Posse. Blurppy picks a film (they recently partnered with Disney to create posters for Big Hero 6), and artists go to town bringing their vision of the movie to life. Adam Rabalais has participated in a few Poster Posse projects, and his DeviantArt gallery is packed with alternate movie posters.

Rabalais often keeps his designs simple and pulls iconic symbols, silhouettes, and images for his posters. I’m a sucker for the minimalist look, and I couldn’t stop myself from taking the time to flip through his entire gallery to make sure I didn’t miss anything. He captures the essence of movies with his posters; his skill for doing so is on display in this poster for 2001: A Space Odyssey:


His subjects include piles of sci-fi and fantasy films like Batman Returns, Legend, Alien, and Harry Potter. A small selection of Rabalais’ work:

Feel the need to make your eyes happy all the time by hanging some of this art in your home? You’re in luck because Rabalais has an Etsy store where he offers his posters in sizes ranging from 11″ x 17″ to 27″ x 40″ (that’s full theatrical size, baby). And he’s offering a special right now for Halloween: any three 11″ x 17″ horror movie posters for $31. That makes the posters 50% off normal prices, and the deal goes through October 31st.

Which poster do you like best? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Don says:

    I LOVE that Legend print, such an underrated movie!

  2. FrankPhil50 says:

    The article’s author should make clear that although she compares these to Mondo posters,  almost all of them are just bootleged digital fan art, so much similar stuff on ETSY and deviantart-   whereas Mondo artists actually produce licensed (and mostly screen printed) posters. 

    HUGE distinction that should have been pointed out somewhere!