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Stream The Black Keys’ New Song, “Fever”

Ever since Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney let Danger Mouse into their lives on Attack & ReleaseThe Black Keys have become undeniably funkier. The guitar riffs have become slinkier and the drums have transitioned from “smash the shit out of them” to “smash the shit out of them, but also two-step to this.”

The Black Keys’ new track, “Fever,” from their upcoming Turn Blue LP, is the sort of groovy fare that recent fans have come to expect from the Akron duo after El Camino, but also definitely the kind of song that will have longtime fans yearning for a The Big Come Up era garage face-melter. I am excited to hear all the tracks from this upcoming album, and I hope that Pat Carney smashes the shit out of his drums in all the ways that only he can.

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  1. Mark S says:

    Their disco is better than the Arcade Fire’s disco but it’s still disco.

  2. Taylor N says:

    A lot of hate in those comments…as usual. In the immortal words of Jay Z: “want my old shit, buy my old albums”.

  3. heavy_yawns says:

    This new single is pretty bad by Black Keys standards, and imo not very good in general.

    I was hoping they’d return to the griitier sound they had on albums before “Brothers” but it seems they’re doing the opposite.

  4. Three Toes of Fury says:


    been waiting for news of the new Black Keys album for a while. just picked up this track off of Amazon. Rocks! Thanks nerdist for the heads up. The Black Keys are amazing live…i highly suggest all nerdists check them out if/when they can.

    Peace .n. Gold on the Ceiling