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Stream Coachella All Weekend Long With Nerdist!

Nerds! Coachella is upon us, and the Nerdist team is currently in Indio, checking out some of our favorite bands, lounging on comfortable beanbags, and committing to other rigorous activities to keep you entertained all weekend long. To stay updated on all of our antics, be sure to follow Nerdist Music on Twitter.

For the music geeks like me who are currently stuck on the other side of the country and can only imagine the happenings of rave dad, flip-flop guy, and every other that guy Coachella has to offer–this weekend can be rough. But I have good news! Below you will find all three channels of the Coachella live-stream, so you can kick back at home, wherever that may be, and enjoy the festival anyway. Huzzah!

For a full schedule of the kick-ass lineup, including the highly anticipated OutKast set, click here

Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3

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    This video, I’m told repeatedly, is private.