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Steven Moffat Would Totally Bring River Song or Captain Jack Back to DOCTOR WHO

Steven Moffat Would Totally Bring River Song or Captain Jack Back to DOCTOR WHO

If there are two characters fans of BBC’s Doctor Who are most passionate about, it’s River Song and Captain Jack Harkness. Of all the Time Lord’s companions, none are perhaps more beloved than these two — fans have cried out for a spin-off series surrounding the duo for years — and speculation in regards to their super wholly possible (and at times, seemingly inevitable) returns to the series run rampant each and every season. And would you look at that — showrunner Steven Moffat would totally be on board with the two returning: if it makes sense, natch.

Speaking with Zap2it, Moffat explained that “Both River Song and Jack Harkness are massive characters in Doctor Who mythology” and that “it’s never, ever closed off,” but in order for them to come back, it’d have to be for a very good reason. “Their returns would have to be seismic, not routine.”

Of course the argument could be made that, say, finding Gallifrey or understanding the origins of Time Lord’s regeneration abilities (something that certainly seems to be a part of Moffat’s long game this past season and very likely, the next one) would lend itself well to one or both returning.

“It’s all about ‘Do you have a story that’s worth it?'” Moffat stated. “Unless you’ve got a story that is absolutely informed and invigorated by their presence, just bringing a character back in an ordinary story won’t do.”

Well if that’s not a call to all you budding Whovian screenwriters out there, I don’t know what is — start your engines, fan fiction writers!

What sort of story would YOU write to bring about the return of River Song or Captain Jack? Let us hear ’em in the comments.

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  1. Edlynn Nau says:

    Whatever happened to Jenny who is a Time Lady & out there somewhere!Am I’m the ONLY ONE that doesn’t mind Peter C’s age at all but Steven Moffat changed him inside as well. We love Peter & his acting but he is TOO DARK! Surly and a Curmudgeon! It is too reckless & negative (not befitting the previous 3 with Chris, David, or Matt).

  2. Eun says:

    Bring the River Song back is great but it must be a epic story. I find River song but not Alex kingston will be not that bad. LIke 11th regeneration, River could make it. Writers, come on!

  3. RiverSong4ever says:

    Please Bring River back! She is AWESOME! Oh come on some shaddows can not beat the Doctor’s wife, Amy and Rory’s daughter, Melody Pond! Song, River Song (James Bond reference 😛 ) ♫

  4. CynRyn says:

    I don’t really have an idea what the story would be, but I have been dying to see River and Jack meet for ages! 

  5. DoctorWhat says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but we never saw the actual actual wedding where the Doctor told river his name, right?  That HAS TO HAVE HAPPENED AT SOME POINT, right?  I say Jack is the Best Man…. 

  6. Life says:

    They need to address the Face of Boe story. Questions like ‘how does he become a big head?’ or ‘What did he do after Torchwood?’ need to be answered. He was so invested in Torchwood that you wonder how he comes back from that.

  7. London says:

    It would make sense for River to come back during the Capaldi years. When the 10th doctor first met River, she commented on how young he looks now. Of course, this was before Smith’s doctor but now with an older doctor (Capaldi), this could be the years when she first meets him (since their timelines are out of sync).

    • Life says:

      It is a good point but River already had her first meeting with the Doctor in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. Also when the 10th Doctor met River I think she meant that he looked young in his eyes not his appearance. It’s something that someone who knows him as well as River would notice.

  8. gabriel Martin says:

    Why does it have to be a huge deal to bring them back.  Why does it have to make sense.  Why can’t it simple be he misses river.  We know River knows other faces of the doctor as she has record of it in her diary.  For that to make sense she has to cross paths with the many types of the doctor from time to time.  As for the face of Bo.  Same thing you know jack lives endless years and is all to familiar with the doctor over these years.  That really all you need to know even if there role is the center of the story.  They can have minor roles from time to time to support the canon

    • Rusty says:

      Davies brought everybody back “for old times sake” in that Davros episode and it SUCKED.  He wasted Davros’ appearance and just wanted a “let’s just get together” episode and it made absolutely NO sense.  But then Davies never did care much about canon or sensible plots.  He pretty much murdered  Torchwood with that “Miracle Day” abortion so it’s unlikely we’ll ever see Torchwood again.  But that’s what happens when you hire a soap opera hack writer.  I’m glad he’s not running the show anymore.  I LIKE what Moffat’s doing.  I know he’ll find a wonderful way to bring back Jack & River given time.  He found a way to bring back the Time Lords after Davies killed them off.  I’m patient. 

  9. Ultrafisk says:

    I would not want River Song back. She seemed like a character that won’t work that well without the 11th doctor and that storyline that revolves around her.

    Jack Harkness would be cool though. He have never been in Moffats era and it’s been a while since Torchwood ended.

  10. mike says:

    There is also the story of when the doctor gives river song her screwdriver knowing what her future heads to her death. 

  11. Sharon says:

    Definitely a “way in the future” Face of Boe for Jack. I also want to see the Doctor’s daughter/clone story cycle back. Unfortunately I think the American Torchwood messed up Jack’s timeline.

  12. lunacsue says:

    Considering that River and the Doctor have a history of a romantic relationship, it might be interesting to see that story line with a more mature Doctor. 

    • Kay says:

      If you remember her comment about his young faces, it makes one wonder whether she spends a significant amount of time with 12 & the earlier regens at all?

  13. Beth Clark says:

    I would watch a spon off like that

  14. Prydonian says:

    “Of all the Time Lord’s companions, none are perhaps more beloved than these two…”

  15. Prydonian says:

    “Of all the Time Lord’s companions, none are perhaps more beloved than these two…”

    • xDaizu says:

      Maybe not loved by everyones but the ones who do (like myself) love them very deeply. So… why that cruel sarcasm? I don’t love Rose but if she comes back I’d be happy for all those Rose fans…

      • QP says:

        Rose is still my fav, seconded by Donna. However neither of them can ever return in the context of their departures, and I think it’s better that way. Although I read a nice fanfic of the Doctor visiting an aged and dying Donna to make her remember as a last gift; I’d really love something like that.
        I like River and Jack a lot, and I’d love them to return. Well, consider Jack exists in every point in time from XIX century up to 5000000000…something.

  16. moon says:

    would love to see both of these back in the story

  17. Soucyman says:

    I would love to see something in the Face of Boe saga that sets Jack somewhere on that journey. And a return to the Library would be cool. Maybe an alien race using the library as an execution spot for prisoners? 

  18. EgoMartini says:

    Moffat has already written River Song a trap door back into reality – in “Deep Breath” the Doctor traded his fob watch for some clothes = and Time Lord watches are known to contain Time Lord consciousnesses from time to time.
    The eleventh Doctor had the perfect motive and opportunity to do this on Trenzalore when he was dancing with the invisible/digital version of River.  

    • Even that much trouble isn’t necessary. All the Doc has to do is download the copy of her consciousness he left on the Library Planet and get it into some sort of a body!

      • Susan says:

        It’s not even that completed they’re time travelers. Any point in time and space could be a part of River Song’s past . Right?