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STAR WARS Without John Williams Is…Awkward

Oh the throne room ceremony at the end of A New Hope: the joy. The majesty. The awkward shuffling and odd glances.

The latest video from the Auralnauts team strips out John Williams’ iconic score from the closing scene of Star Wars,* transforming Luke, Han, and Chewie’s triumphant walk during the Rebel ceremony a series of prolonged glances and a lot of static from a clearly uncomfortable Wookiee. Seriously, why does no one talk during the ceremony?

The missing track, FYI, is “The Throne Room/End Titles,” in case your brain is reconfiguring itself and replacing your memory of the original scene with the audio-free version.

The Auralnauts gang, as their name implies, have fun with movie audio.

You might remember them from their 2012 “Bane Outtakes” video, which saw the Batman villain getting some new lines (and a couple of rap verses) in The Dark Knight Rises. This isn’t even their first Star Wars video, with previous clips turning a Jedi investigation into a trip to Space Hooters or adding a cut from the Cool World soundtrack to Episode II, turning Attack of the Clones into a ’90s, high-octane buddy comedy.

I’d pay to see that, actually.

According to the video’s authors, they’ve got their own version of the first Star Wars** film on the way. And while this clip might not make it into the final version, they say they couldn’t keep it to themselves.

*I can’t call it Episode IV – I just can’t do it!

**Seriously, it’s weird – I’m actually trying to type it into the story, and it’s just not happening.

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  1. stephenrc says:

    I’ve always wanted to replace the Imperial March with Rondo Alla Turca. I never get around to things.

  2. Caleb says:

    I hope that’s how Chewie sounds in Episode VII.

  3. jeffcg says:

    I’m sure this would be hilarious if the autoplaying Verizon ad with fucking sound wasn’t there.