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Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it)

I’m sure you may have enjoyed this by now as it spreads around the Internet (yes, yes–like a virus) but if you haven’t, this is bit of wonderfulness was brought to you by Joe Nicolosi at In his own words:

My friend Amanda had never seen a whole Star Wars film. When I asked her if she wanted to watch the original trilogy she said that she would, but that she already knew what happens. So I took out my voice recorder and asked her to start from the top.

I then created some very basic animation in Final Cut to go along with her narration.

Well done, Joe! I salute you and the Adult Swim show you’ll probably get from this.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    This was sooooooooooo funny! Yep, there’s an Adult Swim show in this: “Amanda Doesn’t Go to the Movies.” Every show could be Amanda summarizing the plot of a major flick she has never seen, but knows all about, with animation. Beats the heck out of a lot of so-called “adult” animated shows I’ve seen.

  2. xShawnx479x says:

    Luke and Han are gay?? haha…
    Well I know how it would turn out if she retold Lord of the Rings. lol.

  3. mackie says:

    that isn’t a half bad retelling of star wars but i like when he showed(incorect engrish) the dark side of the moon album cover

  4. Pierre says:

    Yeah, my ass she’s never seen it before. How does someone remember LANDO?

    Although, Hans Solo was pretty funny.

  5. Richard says:

    OMG! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve EVER seen!!

  6. Jaime says:

    Hans? lolz

    This is wicked funny!

  7. Crushers Girl says:

    NOW you know why I am a Trekkie !

  8. Toby says:

    ROFL! Kudos to Amanda.
    Would be great if she could retell the story of Terminator or another major movie she hasn’t seen yet but knows by heart. Makes a great platfom for a commercial, by the way.

  9. that girl is just a retard and really who HAS NOT SEEN STAR WARS!

  10. I’m crying laughing. This is way better than the Uniporn I sent you.

  11. RandomKansas says:

    The many years that I have been watching Star Wars I never knew Han and Luke were gay, this was a real eye opener. Thank you.

  12. celo820 says:

    I saw this and it cracked me up. Even though her version is all messed up, it still shows that Star wars has become so much apart of pop culture that a person who has not seen the movies know some of the important parts even if there details of the movies are only a ”little” off. LOL She said Chewbacca is a deformed Ewok.

  13. Justin says:

    I’m not sure if her story is one of epic fail or epic win. (Probably a little of both.) Either way, it’s hilarious. Thanks for sharing – I hadn’t seen it yet!

  14. Scott says:

    That was totally awesome! Thanks so much!

  15. Lisa G says:

    Brilliant! I wish we could see Joe’s face as she’s telling the story. *snicker* “Hans.” Harrison Ford in lederhosen.

  16. Ken says:

    lmao this was hilarious.