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Square Enix’s SLEEPING DOGS to Take a Bite Out of the PS4, Xbox One

Hey, remember United Front Games’ open world Hong Kong action game Sleeping Dogs? It was pretty good. The game’s publisher, Square Enix, seems to think so, and they’ve decided it’s worth a second look on current-gen consoles and the PC.

In a press release, the publisher announced the October release of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The update will include all of the DLC released for the game so far, including the “Year of the Snake” and “Nightmare in North Point” expansions, but Square and United Front aren’t talking a lot about how they plan to take advantage of the new round of consoles for the two year old game.

The 2012 game puts you in the role of a cop sent undercover into the world of Hong Kong gangs and throwing dudes into working air conditioning units. It was formerly being developed as a followup to the now more or less dead True Crime franchise before being picked up by Square and handed off to the UK team at United Front.

Square Enix promising full 1080p resolution along with “upgraded ambiance and visuals” for Sleeping Dogs’ Hong Kong setting. That should be nice, and the newly-released screenshots seem to indicate that United Front was able to squeeze a couple more textures onto the Triads’ jeans, along with more realistic splatter in what was already a pretty decent-looking game for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For those of you looking at the PC version, I’m wondering how much, if any, of a visual upgrade the Definitive Edition will be able to offer (I suspect you’re just paying for the bundled-in DLC at this point).

Square Enix has dated Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for October 14.

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  1. Nich Hustler says:

    I’m not sure what they will deliver on updated visuals, what I will say is this. The high definition texture pack on pc made the game look worse. My first play through was without it, on my second play through I used the pack and noticed many subtle graphical glitches that weren’t present before near the end I turned it off; no more glitches. Aside from that the high definition pack somehow messed with overall look and style of the game for the worse. 

    Purely my subjective opinion though…