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Spider-Man Takes On the “In My Feelings” Challenge

Sorry, Will Smith. Take a ride, Sterling K. Brown. And we love you, Millie Bobby Brown, but we’re beside ourselves over the latest famous figure to get in on the hottest new dance craze. When it comes to celebs doing the “In My Feelings” Challenge, Spider-Man leaves them all in his dust.

Nerdist Presents our favorite web-slinger’s entry to the ever-growing dance phenomenon that all started with Shiggy getting down to Drake‘s hit single. Unfortunately for Peter Parker, the first known superhero to take some time away from saving the world to show us how he can bust a groove, some supervillain’s evil plan always seems to get in the way of a having a good time.

What? Too soon? Well, we did say Spider-Man’s entry left all the other celebrities’ videos in his dust. Although in fairness, we probably could have mentioned it would be a challenge to control all your feelings after seeing that happen to Peter Parker again. We understand if this is the first “In My Feelings” Challenge video that leaves you saying, “I don’t feel so good.”

Which other Avenger would you like to see take the challenge? Let us know in the comments below.


Ben Carter as Spider-Man
Jason Nguyen as Hype-Man


Directed by Andrew Bowser
Produced by Jason Nguyen
DP Connor Heck
Music by Jon Odate
Edited by Matt Caron
Associate Producer Erik Kozura
Recording Producer Freddy Scott

Lyrics by Andrew Bowser, Jason Nguyen, and Erik Kozura
Vocals by Gerald Grissette
Instagram @geraldgrissette

VFX Artist Kial Natale
Additional VFX by Tim Herrold

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