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Spice Invaders!!!

Well, if you enjoy granulated spices in any capacity I can’t see a good goddamn reason why you wouldn’t want to unleash them onto your food with these gravity-based spice deployment units. Space Invaders prepared us for the impending alien invasion, should it come in a rhythmic, typewriter-like attack from chunky jagged creatures.

For added enjoyment, you can make the classic video game laser sound “pchew pchew” every time you shake some out.

Image via TechVert & @ineedryan

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  2. nicholas lineback says:

    Thanks for messing with my emotions. I have an extensive salt and pepper shakers collection and these would have been the perfect addition. Where in the bell can I acquire these? Does anyone sell these or are they just a design?

  3. Very cool. It seems like I might need to break my Atari 2600 out of the closet again and fire up the Space Invaders. Either that or I can just get these spice units you speak of. Either way, it’s pretty frickin’ sweet.


  4. Val says:

    They aren’t for sale yet, they’re just a conceptual design. Alas. Here’s a link to the designer’s page:

  5. Nick Sender says:

    How could someone show something so f’in cool and not provide a link of where to get these?

  6. wow – so cool !! Must get some 🙂

  7. mella22101 says:

    Just in time for the pepper recalls due to possible salmonella contamination!

  8. Becky says:


  9. B.A.D. says:

    Seriously, where can I buy these?

  10. Chris says:

    Oh. My. GOD!

  11. algonacchick says:

    haha, awesome!

  12. McElroy says:

    Shouldn’t they dispense from the bottom?

  13. Victoria says:


  14. Danielle H says: