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Song Of The Day

It’s 3/14. That means…

Can’t go wrong with the classics.

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

Why the Internet is Overreacting About RICK AND MORTY Season 4

Why the Internet is Overreacting About RICK AND MORTY Season 4

Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR



  1. Lehari says:

    Is the rapper Engineer Doug?

  2. What in the craziness?

  3. H Square says:

    Are those the girls from the School of the Seven Bells? Please say yes, lest my ears deceive me.

  4. Kat Carothers says:

    Oh so creepy! And yet awesome.

  5. Heather says:

    A friend posted this today! You treated me to pie at Mel’s after a Dem fundraiser AGES ago. Too funny!

    My favorite is still “Rodeohead”.

  6. Aidan says:

    Is it weird that all the lyrics (save the ‘phat-ass pi beat’) give me chills? Something about the weird mystical whispering, ominous melody, and, frankly, epic lyrics is just awesome. “Should our transcendental lift find a final floor, then man will know the death of God where wonder was before” SERIOUSLY? THAT SHIT BE DEEP YO.

  7. Lincoln says:

    Chris, please bring that mustache back with a vengeance.

  8. Joe Palen says:

    I’ve got some yummy Dutch Apple pie for my annual Pi Day celebration!

    Nerdily Yours… Joe

  9. Jon. says:

    Hello fellow nerdists! this will be over in time im sorry….
    I’m curious if anyone would be willing to give this a gander.

    Its an online magazine in the works

    i live in a small town and thought i could run a website. I post daily Music, News, Movie Reveiws ect. thank you

  10. Gregory says:

    I think the 22nd of July is a better, more exact Pi Day. Who do I see about that?

  11. Veronika says:

    This goes into detail about “What Pi Sounds Like” by Michael Blake. It’s brilliant!!!

  12. Kc says:

    Oh those Gryffindors…

  13. Wesley Marshall says:

    I totally posted this video on my Facebook last night!!! Pi FTW!!!

  14. kittihello says:

    I have the robot’s singing of Pi as a ringtone… it annoys whoever is calling me because I don’t answer the phone, I listen to my phone ringing.

  15. Amanda Maul says:

    Man… if this had be put up last night, I could have learned the most PI numbers and won the contest at work. Then I would have won actual pie. LAME!

  16. JessicaCha says:

    hey ive had this as a ringtone for a few years now LOL Happy Pi day!

  17. jsd says:

    How about “Pi” by Kate Bush?