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Somebody, Please, Give These GAME OF THRONES Pick-Up Lines a Whirl

Ever wondered how to pick up the Lannister of your dreams? Does that Wilding make your heart sing? Want to get down and Dorne-y with a bisexual prince? Well, we’ve finally got the answer to a question no one has ever thought to ask George R.R. Martin: how, exactly, does one properly hit on a man, woman, or Hodor from The Realm? Luckily, Imgur user GarthAlgar‘s pick-up lines from the world of Westeros (and beyond!) are sure to, in the very least, elicit a giggle or two from any Game of Thrones fan you attempt to use them on, at least before they ultimately roll their eyes and move on — because isn’t that how all pick-up lines work?

The hilariously apt lines include something for everyone — even you lovelorn Hodors out there. Keep on Hodoring! — and might even manage to nab you the wench or warrior of your dreams. Featuring (mostly) photos from season four of the series, there may be some minor spoilers for any of you not yet caught up. (We know: we’re sick of hypersensitive spoiler warnings, too, but: Internet.)

Anywho, can you think up any other GoT-related pick-up lines? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Bustle

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  1. dizzyspins says:

    “Are you every chicken in this &^$# place? Cuz I wanna eat you up.”

  2. Bryan says:

    Of course the pick up lines are supposed to be lame.

  3. Nick says:

    I’m going to repay my debt all over your face.

  4. Coriat says:

    Jesus, I read the article and cringed at how lame it is. Nerdist doesn’t repost ideas without good intention, and in this case, they did a much better job.

  5. Aldrea says:

    Maybe it’s because of my adblock settings, but does anyone else have to open each image in a new tab or otherwise have a lack of a gallery option? That’s the only really annoying thing about the site design.

  6. Ryan says:


  7. SpecialMermaid says:


  8. CommonManatee says:


  9. Hendriks says:

    Is that needle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  10. SpecialMermaid says: