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Snow Problem, Really

The cool thing here — cold, very cold, actually — is at about the 25 second market of this BBC video of the coldest inhabited place on Earth:

The rest of the story, in the video and in print, is about why people would live in the Oymyakon District of Siberia, where the temperature can drop to -60C. The answer, unsurprisingly, involves money, specifically the coal and gold mines, which offer plenty of jobs to those who can stand living where you can’t go outside without bundling up in many layers. The sidebar is about another place where there’s extreme heat. I suggest you not visit the two places in succession.

But that thing where you throw the water in the air and it turns to snow is a neat trick. You can’t do that just anywhere.

HT: T.D. Mischke, WCCO/Minneapolis

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  1. danos says:

    That’s not an unknown trick, come to north dakota and enjoy the winter. It’s oddly enough related to how you can tell how long someone has been dead. And -40 windchills are nothing, when I was in highschool the city shut down because we had a -100 degrees Farenheit windchill.

  2. Elsie says:

    I live in Lakeville, MN and we did that hot water trick every yr in science class.

  3. Sara says:

    I recently made the move from Wisconsin to Los Angeles, so I’m enjoying the lovely days this December while my family keeps telling me about the how cold it is in Wisconsin right now. The reporter’s brief mention of the inner membranes of his nose icing up brought back a vivid sense of being outside in the freezing cold for me. I wonder how difficult it is to breathe in Siberia. I hate breathing freezing cold air – it always hurt too much.

    I’ll get to experience the winter for three weeks when I go home, and I’m sure I’ll be glad to get out of it again. I thought I would miss the seasons…turns out I really don’t. I will admit that it doesn’t feel like Christmas at, no matter how many lights and decorations I see, the trees and the weather still seem like early September. Except that it gets dark at 5 now.

  4. Mike says:

    I also live on the prairies in Canada. Thankfully we are experiencing the warmest year on record. We are currently about -5C. Tomorrow we are expected to get above freezing. We usually are at a daytime high of -20 at this point in the year, so thanks global warming!!!

  5. Jen says:

    I live on the Prairies in Canada and it gets cold enough where I live to freeze water in midair sometimes. Last year we were named the coldest place on EARTH for a few days in February. We regularly have -40 windchills. I do know the feeling of having your cheeks freeze the second you go outside.
    I asked my husband for a calf-length down filled parka for Christmas this year for walking our daughter to the school bus stop every morning.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I wish I had snow. It almost never snows in GA and when it does…it’s always after New Years. Grr.