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Sleuth for Yourself with Interactive SHERLOCK Trailer


Last week, we shared a Baker Street’s dozen new photos from the much-anticipated third series of Sherlock, which will premiere on BBC One January 1st and PBS on January 19th, and now there’s even more new content to share with the release of the newest trailer. It begins to fill in some gaps as to how long it’s been since “The Reichenbach Fall” and what the other characters might have been doing, but it also allows you the opportunity to do your own investigating.

Throughout the trailer, certain key phrases will be written out on the screen, and if you click on them, you’ll be able to access exclusive clips, behind-the-scenes videos, and even more new photos from the series. I would suggest watching the whole trailer through once and then go back and clicking on stuff, because it’s a very well-produced trailer and one should appreciate the effort before special features commence. Who listens to a commentary before watching the movie, naamean?

There’s lots to see in this interactive trailer, so don’t miss anything, and don’t forget to check out the Sherlock mini-sode which will premiere on BBC’s Red Button (and probably YouTube) on Christmas Day. The game, my friends, is about to be on.

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  1. linker says:

    This is YouTube Playlist containing all, including the hidden videos, found in the interactive trailer.

  2. Linker says:

    For the lazy, here is a playlist containing all the videos, including hidden ones, found in the interactive trailer:
    [YouTube link](

  3. mojonesy says:

    I was close! I got in a hurry and swapped some numbers.
    Thanks ya’ll.

  4. ChasedMonkey says:

    The code was pretty obvious, its the number the guy types into the briefcase. 051113

  5. gormondghast says:

    its what gets typed into the briefcase =]

  6. kenn says:

    mojonesy click on the words scrolling across the screen specifically the circles before them, it unlocked extra content, what your looking for is there if you look closely.

  7. mojonesy says:

    Did anyone find the access code?