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Episode 2: SleepyCast
S1 Ep 105-108 with Len Wiseman, Alex Kurtzman and More

SleepyCast #2: S1 Ep 105-108 with Len Wiseman, Alex Kurtzman and More

This week on the SleepyCast: The Official Sleepy Hollow Podcast, host Clarke Wolfe is covering episodes 105-108, featuring interviews with series co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Len Wiseman as well as more with showrunner Mark Goffman. Clarke also joins Goffman, Orlando Jones, Roberto Orci and Melissa Blake at San Diego Comic Con for a true life ghost story from the set of Sleepy Hollow. All this and more on the latest episode of the SleepyCast!

Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow premieres September 22nd on Fox!

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  1. Beagle25 says:

    Love the show Clarke! Have you thought about starting a channel on Stitcher?

  2. Esdeem says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this podcast. Not only is it rapidly becoming one of my “sanity anchors” at work, but all the talk about the show and behind the scenes talk are helping me look at my own writing in another way.

    I really love the observation about the joke in the pilot episode, and I honestly think it doesn’t apply just to the humor. The sword does a wonderful job of taking us down a certain path, even with some of the twists, then branching it off and giving us a second, unexpected twist. Necromancer gives us the big reveal of who Headless is, but then pulls the secondary twist of what he actually made his deal for. The finale is another great example, where there were clues pointing to the big twist(or “heel turn” as some people might call it), but then they pull out the REASON for that turn, and it actually changes the perceptions of everything we’ve seen before. That kind of writing is what makes the show so addicting.

    The finale is actually the closest thing I have to a Sleepy Story as well. When the big reveal happens, my fiancee and I had realized the turn was coming just before it happened, but did not see the reason AT ALL. We literally had to pause the DVR while we both alternated screaming and muttering a few four letter words that were the only things that could convey our surprise.

  3. MischaD says:

    Thanks for another fantastic episode! I loved Len’s story at the end! So hilarious! 
    I actually do have a story about the show…I was watching The Sin Eater with my mom when the Freemasons were introduced. My mom surprised me by telling me that my father had been in the process of becoming a Freemason when he passed. It turns out there’s a line of them on his side of the family. It was cool to learn something new about my family’s past and about my Dad even though he is gone.

  4. RaRUPE4 says:

    Another great episode!!! Keep them coming! 🙂