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Skulls of the ShogunSkulls of the Shogun


As General Akamoto (John DiMaggio) approaches his victory over the undead, he reflects on his past — and the deep betrayal which led to his untimely demise. But before he can reign supreme as the Shogun of the Afterlife, Akamoto must first convince a nearby god to let him use magic and spells in battle. The problem is, spells lead to all kinds of trouble and oppression. Where are the background checks?  The mental health evaluations? We don’t need any more psychotic god throwing lightning bolts at innocent trees, now do we?

Spurred by his desire to claim the battlefield and restore his honor, General Akamoto brings up a heated debate by repeating the same old, tired argument, “Spells don’t kill people… wizards kill people.” Will he learn his lesson, or remain a spell-crazy death-mongerer? Find out in the latest episode of Skulls of the Shogun.

Want to catch up on past episodes? Watch them right here:


“Sensitivity Training”

“Cupcakes and Torture”

“Dating in the Afterlife (A.K.A. The Bone Zone)”

Skulls of the Shogun is an animated adaptation of the game from 17-bit studios. New episodes air every Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT right here on Nerdist.

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