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Skeletor Sings Enrique Iglesias

So Phirman and I finished up an awesomely fun show in Philly (thanks to everyone who came out! It literally wouldn’t have been a show without you) and the folks who run the Trocadero say, “You wanna come upstairs to the other stage for karaoke with Skeletor?” The ONLY way to answer that question is “SHITYEAHIDO!” What transpired was a perfect capper to an amazing night. Like if an orgasm could suddenly have its own orgasm. This was THE BEST karaoke I have ever witnessed and am thrilled to report that it happens once a month.

Here is the osteo-lord himself, Skeletor, singing what would be his heart out if he had one, while reminding you that he can kill you with magic powers. The sound quality is admittedly poor, but as soon as this song started I grabbed my iPhone as quickly as possible and just hit record.

Incidentally, Phirm & I sang “Almost Paradise” with Skeletor & Spongebob. I hope someone recorded that in still or moving media…

What a phenomenal trip!

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  1. Alex Hillman says:

    I’ve had almost paradise stuck in my head since your performance.

    Thanks for that.

    Glad you enjoyed Philly, Chris. Come back soon!

  2. Lexie says:

    …I knew I should have made my boyfriend and brother stay longer for the karaoke! I KNEW IT! that’s okay I might be able to make it out to the Austin, TX show as well, assuming that my friend agrees to go with me since I’m staying with her.

  3. Deltus says:

    It’s wrong that I pleasured myself while watching that, isn’t it…

  4. Charlie says:

    this should be in Brutal Legend

  5. M_pony says:

    “i will cause you lots of pain”
    Why yes, yes you have.

  6. mark from houston says:

    why is Ram-Man dressed as SpongeBob?

  7. Chriswsm says:

    Bah that wasn’t the REAL Skeletor…. I want my money back

  8. bonedady1023 says:

    not only can skeletor sing better but he can get more girls too.

  9. bonedady1023 says:

    Not only can skeletor sing better than erique inglesias but he can get more girls too.

  10. April Deminie says:

    I must say, Skelator’s rendition is the closest I’ve ever come to enjoying an Enrique Iglesias song. True story.
    I wish I could have stuck around to see it.. but the Lesbian wanted to go home to get some beauty sleep. Or something of lesbian nature, I suppose. lol
    It was an amazingly hilarious show, none the less.
    Thank you.. for a random, but great night! =)

  11. Amy says:

    i just fell in love.

  12. Tasha says:

    HeMan needs to save my ears from bleeding.

  13. Tasha says:

    HeMan could have done so much better!!!

  14. margie says:

    please, someone, anyone, i beg of you, on my hands and knees,

    have a recording of hard and phirm singing “almost paradise”!

  15. Shawn Rossi says:

    Freakin Awesome!

  16. efithias says:

    OMG…you sat through that and lived!!! *clap clap clap*