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Sir Richard Branson Interview Pt. 1

I have to say that interviewing Richard Branson was one of the highlights of my career, and I think I’ve been in this business for a hundred years. He just has this geniune warmth and “good-guy-ness” that makes you want to just hangout with him. Also, though I’m sure he’s not complaining about his ass-loads of cash, you don’t get the sense that the money is his first priority. He pursues what he’s passionate about and has a youthful fascination with learning and discovery that is infectious. I heap thanks upon you, Richard!

PS – I’m most of the way through his book “Business Stripped Bare,” and I highly recommend it.

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  1. nubia says:

    oi tudo bem ? voce fala portugues? se falar vamos nos conhecer! ok beijo

  2. where are the other parts

  3. Megan says:

    Lucky you, He’s just amazing … where’s the 2nd half of the vid?

  4. Edward says:

    I think this guy is such an inspiration. He makes great decisions, and is fearless. He offers a lot to humanity. The video was great.

  5. Mike says:

    Great intv. Chris. For someone that powerful, he seems very laid back.

  6. Lauren M says:

    I met Richard years ago and felt the same way – he was so passionate and open, possesses an amazing childlike curiosity that has clearly taken him far! and i only ever want to fly virgin back and forth LA-NY now, it’s fantastic. now if only i could find some time to try the new leg to Australia…

  7. LisaG says:

    I flew VA from NY to LA last year and loved it. Everything about the plane is exactly the way it appears in this interview. Each leg of the trip was the most pleasant flight I’d ever had…. and I was stuck in a middle seat, even. I’m sad to see Virgin Records closing in NYC, but yay for minnow airlines!

    I want to go to space.

  8. Adam says:

    While working at the same company that produced his reality show “The Rebel Billionaire” we were all being a bit loud while he was in a meeting. I’ve never been told to shut up so politely before.

  9. virgin america is a tight company.

  10. lucky, you got to meet him. what was the other airline?

  11. Deltus says:

    I have heard that Sir Richard Branson is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet, which of course means the coolest uber-rich people and the coolest beknighted people you’ll meet. And in his pursuing his dreams, he enriches all of humanity. Sir Richard Branson FTW!

  12. Eric says:

    He is probably one of the coolest rich dudes in the world. Maybe they need to make a Dos Equis ad about HIM.

    Now if only Virgin America would fly us from Boston to Colorado or Baltimore.

    It IS worth mentioning, of course, that Virgin America is going to start charging for bags as well in the near future.

  13. meerhan says:

    Thanks for posting- was looking forward to this and Part 2. Richard Branson is just a big kid and is fortunate to have the finances to explore his dreams. And we get to benefit from it! 🙂 I flew Virgin America a few months ago and I was astounded. As much as I can, I will fly VA. Also, you need to book some shows in London b/c then you can fly direct on Virgin Atlantic, hopefully Upper (first) Class for 11 hours non-stop! It’s heaven!

  14. michele says:

    I think the reason you think he is such a good guy is because you are a good guy. There is a connection . . . and a fact’s a fact . . . and stuff . . .

  15. Monica says:

    Very VERY COOL, thanks for the twitter…

  16. teezecrost says:

    Great interview. Seems like an awesome guy everything I see him in. Is this available uncut anywhere?