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Singled Out on Attack of the Show

I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on AOTS. It’s rare that I ever reference that old chestnut “Singled Out,” not because I’m ashamed of it but because I never wanted to be the guy who was trying to milk the teat of its success long after it was appropriate. Actually, I don’t think I even milked that teat much when the show was still on. If you’re between the ages of 20 and 40 you may remember this show, as MTV aired the living shit out of it from 95-98. Yes! It was a blast. I was right out of college. Who wouldn’t love that job? Only a JERK. No! I did not sleep with Jenny McCarthy. And No! That does not make me gay. The most sexual thing that ever happened was Jenny showing me her PMOY spread. She pointed out to me, “See, the curtains don’t match the rug.” I complimented her decor nonetheless. Other than that, we had a very brothery-sistery relationship and I adored working with her. The only other “sexy-branded moment” I can think of was that one time Carmen Electra’s boob popped out during a promo shoot, and when I clumsily indicated this to her with a cupped hand gesture and an uncomfortable, “Uhhh…hey…there…” she calmly said, “Eh, everyone’s seen ’em anyway,” and flopped it back behind its shroud. She was super-cool as well.

Anyway, back to AOTS. They had wanted to do a “Singled Out” sketch for a while and I was way on board. I have to credit our writers, producers and staff–they executed it flawlessly, from Kevin’s excellent “Woos!” to the game board with gold crap glued to it right down to my floppy wig that represented the young, Caucasian mid-90s hair drapes that I used to have. I was having the weirdest flashbacks during this because THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT THE SHOW WAS LIKE. Even though we were poking fun at it, this easily could have been an episode.

To AOTS and “Singled Out” I sincerely and without a shred of sarcasm say, “Good times.”

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  1. CJPacewicz says:

    If she’s a shamwow girl then she’d rather bite the lip of the man that pays for giggity-giggity. Is she’d a word?

  2. Chris Griffin (real name) says:

    Chris I gotta say I laughed my ass off at the reference and sadly I felt like an ass hole. Back in those glory days of the 90s I loved singled out. Thought Jenny was hot and that host dude was cool. Granted I was like 10 or 11 lol and I had no idea it was you man. I’m so sorry but yes indeed good times and I always love you on the show and your standup. Come to st louis dammit

  3. Colleen says:

    This is hilarious. You are one of my new favorites.

  4. I remember the show!

  5. shaun says:

    Man, I used to watch singled out all the freaking time! It had funny (Hardwick) and sexy (McCarthy). Great show…….

  6. Topher says:

    “K3vin 02.15.09 at 5:06 pm
    I was hoping Carmen was gonna be on the show….. Milk it for all itโ€™s worth.”

    …pun intended?

  7. Topher says:

    Loved the sketch, and damn, did it make me feel nostalgic. I can’t lie that I enjoyed Singled Out back then. Still love Jenny and still, uh.. love(?) you too.

  8. Jaz says:

    That was you on Singled Out?!?! Holy crumbs! I knew I’d seen you before, on TV, sometime ago, but not sure when.

    I am in that age range you mentioned and yes I watched the ever-lovin’ snot outta that show. My friend and I protested that it was lame but we watched it any chance we could. Hehheh.

  9. kerry says:

    “i thought that was one of the best bits that AOTS has done in a very long time.”

    agreed! HIGH-LARRY-US, loved it!

  10. Tom says:

    i thought that was one of the best bits that AOTS has done in a very long time.

  11. Robyn says:

    Shazbot, how could I have forgotten Singled Out?! Thanks for the memories and I’m glad you had fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. K3vin says:

    AWESOME!… hair was epic. I was hoping Carmen was gonna be on the show. This should be a weekly segment. Milk it for all it’s worth.

  13. Donny says:

    It’s funny how so many of us are so nostalgic for the days of “Singled Out”. I can’t even tell you why loved it so much, but I did… and I do. Thanks for taking me back, Chris.

  14. gene says:

    Two things:
    1. Glad to see they kept that Mtv budget.
    2. Why didn’t “Jenny” hump the air at some point?

  15. JP says:

    Jenny Mcarthy guest appearance on AOTS?

  16. Jason says:

    Singled Out and Remote Control were my favorite bits on MTV back in the day. It’s almost hard to believe you (Chris) hosted that show.

    You’ve come a long way!

  17. josie says:

    that was so hilarious, i loved it!!

  18. I used to watch that show all the time. Well I actually used to watch MTV all the time and they reran that show like three thousand times a day. I was cool with it though. At the time I thought that masturbating to Jenny McCarthy might be my greatest talent, and it turns out at the time, it was. I was pretty good at it and I bet I could still rub one out in record time if I broke out my playboy from back in the day. I’m sure the magazines a little starchy.

    That must have been a little embarrassing to have her show you her spread in Playboy. As a nerd I would have been sporting a axe handle the whole time. To have someone that beautiful say, “Hey look at my naked body here in Playboy”, would have been jerk off material for literally years. My nerd boner would have lasted a week for sure.

    Great show though. It was campy, fun and extremely insane, which made it a must for my TV viewing. I was also right out of college when that show aired. Just goes to show you how popular I was in the workforce just out of college. English degrees don’t exactly get you the big high paying jobs; just a room in your parents basement for a couple more years, while you try and find a job that can pay for your comic book collection AND rent.


  19. Randbot says:

    Wow, can’t believe someone else already beat me to the “Trashed” reference. out-trivia’d!!

    And yes, awesome sketch. Your wig alone is a fucking piece de resistance.

  20. rinokwedjnfalwa says:

    He called you mortal lol

  21. Chris says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly how I remembered it. Tell Pereira nice work on the McCarthy impersonation too lol.

  22. Anna says:

    Speaking of blastses from the pastses, I was watching a VHS tape that had some MST3K on it along with various tidbits of yesteryear and for some reason, my sister had recorded this “Blind Date”-esque show that takes place on a cruise ship. And guess who was the host! I’m not gonna lie… you looked a little like you wanted to gut someone/something. I can’t blame you, cause the chick on that episode had the most obnoxious laugh that the guy oddly enough claimed was “sexy.” Oh, 90s…

  23. DT says:

    Friday the 13th can no longer be known as unlucky because of the gem that AOTS brought us today. I definitely had to stop the dvr once I saw you come out in that wig. Pure brilliance.

    “You don’t have to thank me, mortal. Just remember this one thing: you’ve got the right to shake your booty.” I’m pretty certain I’m going to end all email correspondences with that line from now on. Thank you for this gift, Horacio.

  24. Matt says:

    What a hilarious sketch! You really captured what I lovingly remember about “Singled Out” perfectly. Everyone at AOTS should be commended for putting together such a pitch perfect spoof. Congrats to all.

  25. Horacio says:

    everybody should take a shot every time they say “up and coming recording artist”

  26. AngieBatgirl says:

    Maybe Bradlee Booty really is…Christian Bale! :O

    I LOVED Singled Out! Now that I think about it, I think I stopped watching MTV not long after Singled Out went off the air. My friend and I used to drool over you Chris ;D
    I remember watching House of 1000 Corpses with friends one night. I saw you, and was like Nice! It’s Chris Hardwick from Singled Out! I just got “Huh?” so I tried explaining it…they still didn’t get it *sigh* Kids…

  27. Chris Hardwick says:

    Sweet bleeding Jesus, Horacio! I forgot about that!!!! It’s true, though…You do have the right…Though I’m not sure why “Christian Bale” is one of the tags on the youtube page.

  28. D. says:

    Hopefully you still have that cassette of “You Got the Right to Shake Your Booty”.
    it’ll be worth millions one day due to nobody else owning it.

  29. D. says:

    you guys should do a trashed spoof.
    that’d be fun.

  30. Rick says:

    Really awesome job!

    It brought me back to my dorm room days so much so that I started masturbating. It’s not gay if I whack my bag to Pereira dressed as Jenny McCarthy, is it?

  31. derrick says:

    I was wondering why you always looked so familiar but I just could never place it. It all males sense now. Singled Out was a great show. Always funny. AOTS too. Looking forward to the episode. I’ll torrent it tom as soon as it comes out. You and Periera are always so funny

  32. Tom says:

    Wow, memories… Singled Out was hilarious and I was hoping you’d bring it back somehow. Classic.

  33. Abel says:

    I started watching it for 10 seconds. Had to pause because it was so excellent.

  34. OMG what a flashback! LOL AOTS is the greatest! now i have to go watch that episode of boy meets world with you on it.

  35. tecben says:

    lol’d all the way to the bank.

  36. Colleenky says:

    Dude. You are so making me want to pull out my Spring Sing 95 video.

  37. Chris Hardwick says:

    Ha! I’ll look for it. It’s on VHS somewhere. If I can find it, I will. Maybe I should call Patrick Duffy and Sharon Lawrence to see if they have their copies…

  38. Shiri says:

    Can you please upload the episode of celebrity jeopardy in which you participated???