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Sign a Petition to Make 10/21/15 National BACK TO THE FUTURE Day!

Sign a Petition to Make 10/21/15 National BACK TO THE FUTURE Day!

We’ve had a lot of Back to the Future related promises made to us for 2015. First, Nike teased us and said that power laces were coming this year. Our own Kyle Hill even took a spin on a real life hoverboard prototype, but the chances of the board making it into stores by the end of the year is unlikely. Thankfully, because this America and we get important things done, a new petition has been submitted to asking President Obama to declare October 21, 2015 National Back to the Future Day!

As the petition explains, “Oct 21 2015 is, of course, the day that Marty and Doc time-traveled forward to in the Delorean. And what better way to commemorate this momentous and historic day (and one of America’s most beloved films of the last 30 years)? Here’s what happened: I was standing on the edge of my toilet hanging a clock, the porcelain was wet, I slipped, hit my head on the sink, and when I came to I had a revelation…a vision….that the President should proclaim October 21, 2015 – National Back to the Future Day. We don’t even need plutonium, 1.21 giggawatts or a flux capacitor, just the Presidential Proclamation power granted by 16 USC 431…and, of course, 100,000 signatures on this petition.” The creators of the petition also have one more request: “Also, can you put NASA on hoverboards, please??”

The petition needs to reach 100,000 signatures as of February 5, 2015 for President Obama to consider it. So what are you waiting for?! Click here to make it happen. As both George and Marty McFly once said:

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  1. Astoria says:

    Yayyy we so need this 

  2. Eric Christian says:

    A thousand times, YES! We have to do this, or Marty might boink his mom…

  3. John says:

    Do it! for the future

  4. Seamus says:


  5. Darrin Sanders says:

    Make it happen!

  6. Monica says:

    My birthday and an international holiday!

  7. Martin Ruelas says:

    Make it so.

  8. Richie van Heuven says:

    Everyday is BTTF day, but October 21st above all!!!

  9. Brendon says:


  10. Brendon says:

    This would be awesome. 

  11. Danielle Waters says:

    Without a doubt it would be the most awesome holiday EVER! 

  12. Miguel says:

    I’m game

  13. Pierre says:

    Roads!? Where we are going we don’t need…roads

  14. RI hard Caggiano says:

    Let’s do this!

  15. James Needham says:

    That would be great. 

  16. Devon Dobr says:

    Defiantly the day should beckme  BTTF day

  17. Ermanno says:

    Great Scott!

  18. James Hale says:


  19. James Hale says:

    Fuck yea

  20. Jocelyn says:

    Please make this happen!! It would be so amazing and all of us that love “Back to the Future” would be happy clams!! 

  21. Jim noga says:

    Hoping this really can happen 

  22. jorge Guillermo Rivarola says:

    Si decretenlo.

  23. jorge Guillermo Rivarola says:

    Sique se decrete

  24. Dave Marton says:

    its true, all the other bttf stuff has been a bust + all those fake times when people pretended it was bttf day and it really wasn’t!!  signed…maybe obama is a fan 2!!

  25. kimo says:

    Hoooovvveerbooooaaads. Nuff said

  26. Melissa Capocci says:

    YAY! Best idea ever! 

  27. Melissa Capocci says:

    What a GREAT idea!!!!!

  28. Neal Haslem says:

    Almost at 1k signatures so far…

  29. marcela says:


  30. tami han says:

    Lol re the part of the pettion about NASA and hoverboards

  31. Dominic Oliver says:

    1.21 GIGGATWATTS!?!?!  Need to get this on @midnight so the signatures really start piling up!!  #bestideaof2015 

  32. Greg says:

    YES!!!!  SIGNED.  

  33. Becky Giles says:

    Yay! A Back to the Future Day!! 

  34. Carlos Ochoa says:

    Should the official day be November 5th (1955)?