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Shoplifter Imprisoned in Bert

This is a horrifying Bert costume. It’s like “The Man in the Iron Mask” where the iron mask is made out of recycled “#1” foam fingers.

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  1. smartbunny says:

    That’s the worst fucking Bert costume in the world. He looks like he’s perpetually being punched in the chops in slow motion.

  2. Deltus says:

    Much better punishment than what the courts would have done. And kudos on the store owner for caring about the young man’s future like that, even after said young man tried to steal from him.

  3. Tessie says:

    That was an extra “gonna” because I believe in it that much.

  4. Tessie says:

    They should have made him Secretariat’s ass-end. I realize that wouldn’t work with just one dude, but I’m gonna just gonna go with that.

  5. McTavish says:

    In my city there is a board shop, when shoplifters are spotted they make them dress in a bikini and hold up a sign out on the highway.

  6. Emily says:

    Yeah I live in Cville. Everyday on my commute home I see two gents in terrible Mario and Luigi costumes dancing on the side of the road promoting this store. Glad Halloween Express is finally getting the national/nerdist attention it deserves.

  7. Sweet, sweet justice. Although, it would have been better without a mask and maybe like a ballerina outfit or something.

  8. Sawyer says:

    Why a Bert costume? What’d poor Bert ever do?

    On an unrelated note, Chris, since I know you read these comments and are a BttF fan, do you know of the new Eric Stoltz footage they’ve released?