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SHERLOCK Mini-Episode: Many Happy Returns

It’s merely 8 days from premiering in the U.K. (8 + 18 here in the US) and now we have a Sherlock mini-sode to tide us over.

I like this whole seven-minutes-of-show-before-the-show that Executive Producer Steven Moffat seems to enjoy for both of his series. Anyway, the title of this mini-sode is “Many Happy Returns.” It begins with Inspector Lestrade (Rupert Graves) meeting with a man in a pub who is convinced that Sherlock Holmes isn’t dead, based on all of these “miraculous” solved crimes throughout the world. Lestrade then takes a box of Sherlock’s belongings to John Watson (Martin Freeman), who is still very much grieving over the loss of his friend. One such item is an uncut video Sherlock made because he’d be missing John’s birthday. It’s quite a thing.

Sherlock and Sherlock will be back on our screens when Series 3 premieres on January 1st in the UK on BBC One and January 19th in the US on PBS.

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  1. hipchic99 says:

    2 years past.

  2. Silvferberg says:

    How many years are suppose to be past since when Sherlock fell to now

  3. Rachel says:

    Anderson is trying to convince Lestrade Sherlock isn’t dead, and this Nerdist post was put up by an Anderson. COINCIDENCE?! (Probably.)

  4. juliet.da says:

    Isn’t “the man Lestrade meets in a pub” no one less than Anderson?

  5. Wyatt Seablom says:

    That’s not just any man in the Pub…. It’s Anderson, the crime scene investigator.