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SHERLOCK Meets DOCTOR WHO in This Epic Fan Trailer

Either Tumblr has sprung a leak or this is how the BBC will finally and completely take over our lives. Regardless of its secret Illuminati origins, this fan-made Sherlock/Doctor Who mash-up from YouTube’s John Smith finds the Doctor meeting Sherlock for the first time in the closest you’ll ever come to seeing your Wholock softcore slash fiction play out in real life. Save for a few wonky facial matches, the editing on this piece is nothing short of breathtaking. Did you see that TARDIS dissolve? That’s better than the real thing! Don’t take my word for it — watch for yourself, then weep for a mini-series where Moriarty controls a Dalek army that will never happen.

Thanks to our own Internet Explorer, Jesse McKeil, for finding this clip. Now, let the inevitable GIF-making frenzy begin. Seriously, guys, why doesn’t the BBC make this happen already? Do they hate money?

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter.

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  1. pete says:

    Holy schist.

    I think I need to go take a shower and lie down.

  2. Ann Morris says:

    This is brilliant! This

  3. Jake says:

    So how does Madame Vastra fit into all of this?

  4. Tom says:

    I cannot accurately describe the chills…

  5. Evan says:

    You get back there and take Watson with you right now!

  6. Mark says:

    Dude has MAD editing skills! Impressed!!

  7. MisterUnderhill says:

    I… whu… ha. No words.

  8. White Rabbit says:

    I’ll be in my bunk…

  9. John Mitchell says:

    I have never seen Dr. Who but we are a fan of Sherlock…..Makes me interested to see what this Who thing is all about…Well done!!!

  10. Missy says:

    Oh god yes! Please make this happen BBC! I know its totally out of canon for the Sherlock verse (thus far) but it would be so EPIC!

  11. Colton says:

    My heart is still pounding!!

  12. Veronica says:

    That gave me some nerdwood! This is the greatest thing EVER!!!!

  13. Lior says:

    Fuck yeah!!!

  14. Sarah says:

    I think I just had the big nerd “O”

  15. Chris says:

    Sorry, I need to go get cleaned off…

  16. Futurehero says:

    I think my brain just exploded