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SHERLOCK, LUTHER, and THE FALL Are Mashed Up in BBC Mini-Episode

There are some wonderful combinations of three in this world. Neapolitan ice cream, for example. The The Three Stooges. Even the New Justice Team. And then there’s this BBC mash-up trailer, which combines Sherlock, Luther, and The Fall into a single hypothetical super series.

That means sleuths extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, and Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson all in one unit. Talk about squad goals.

The faux commercial was produced by British creative agency RKCR/Y&R and visual-effects house MPC (which is also responsible for this brief yet awesome animated Star Wars promo). Alison Hoad, a VP from the former agency, has said that the commercial was created in part because, “Who wouldn’t want to see Sherlock, Watson, Luther and Stella Gibson investigating a crime together?” Nobody, that’s who.

Perhaps the coolest part of the commercial is that it’s not simply a disjointed “advert” (shout out to the British nerd folk) for the BBC, but also a self-contained mini-episode with a complete—albeit very mitigated—plot. There’s even a cliffhanger at the end when… well, we won’t spoil it for you.

As for the future of the shows in question, Sherlock and The Fall were renewed for a fourth and third season, respectively; both will be shot in 2016. As for more Idris Elba as John Luther, well…at least there was this recent one night event on BBC America.

While we’re on the topic of detectives extraordinaire, lest we not forget that Gillian Anderson is returning in her iconic role as Dana Scully, M.D. in the new X-Files “event series” that airs on January 24.

What did you think of the this super squad of brilliant crime-solving Brits? Are you ready to see this crew in action or was this promo a case of too much of a good thing? Let us know in the comments section below!

HT: The Mary Sue

Image: The BBC

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