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Shark Poop!

Here’s a Fun Nature Fact of which I never really thought before I happened upon this article while looking for items for my day job: Sharks poop. Okay, we kinda know that, but we don’t think about it. But Brett Israel at has an article about why shark poop is important and why the scientists in this video, in a shark cage getting a faceful of shark poop, react not in revulsion but in excitement:

It’s at the 21-second mark. You’ll note that the moment the shark takes a dump, fish seem to materialize from everywhere to swoop in and feast on the poop. They eat shark poop. Yes, they do. But the other reason the scientists are excited is that when you have a creature that’s hard to corral to take any samples, like some species of shark, the feces can give researchers a lot of the same stuff without the need to grab the animal. DNA and hormones are in there, for example. So the poop is indeed useful.

But, still, it’s poop, and we have this video of a shark pooping. The junior high schooler still residing deep in my mind is howling at this.

HT: LiveScience

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  1. Matt P. says:

    Worst internship ever: collecting shit in shark infested waters.

  2. @The_Nicktator says:

    FINALLY! Something I can masturbate to on the internet!

  3. Greg says:


    Then you must have never had authentic Texas Chili.

  4. Brian says:

    Does it ever shit and then immediately turn around to eat the fish it just attracted with its monster aquatic dump? On that note: time for lunch.

  5. courtney says:

    GAH i’m glad humans don’t convulse like that when we poop!

  6. Acrylicana says:

    The shark’s poop matches the pukey-monkey-green used on this website! 😀 HOW AWESOME!