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Sexy New BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Screenshots

Ah, yes! Nothing like some fresh new Batman: Arkham Knight screens to give you that second wind to tackle the rest of your week. In the new screens, we get a look at the Caped Crusader in action, some of the baddies we’ll be encountering in the game, and few more glimpses of that sexy ass Batmobile.

Savor the delicious Arkham eye candy below:

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to hit stores on October 14, 2014 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pleased with the new screens? Tell us about how much you love them in the comments!

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  1. Matt says:

    I wonder why they chose Tommy Lee Jones two face and not Aaron Eckhart.

  2. Kenny Gordon says:

    This fittin’ to be good. I’m iffy about getting a PS4, but this game is making me reconsider. There’s no denying that it looks so damn pretty, but I’m just hoping the game will be light years above Arkham Origins—-which wasn’t exactly horrible, but lacked in the innovation department. Hell, I’m still enjoying the online multi-player on that thing, but the overall game was missing something.

    Batman is guaranteed to have multiple skins, but I’m wondering if that will be an option for the Batmobile. If not, I’m sure that wouldn’t hurt Arkham Knight any. Like I said, it all looks so damn pretty. This is a terrible thing to see when attempting to save money. lol