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Episode 95: Sex Nerd Sandra
Girl-on-Girl on Girl…

Sex Nerd Sandra #95: Girl-on-Girl on Girl-on-Girl

LESBIANS ARE PEOPLE, TOO! Comedian dynamo Cameron Esposito shares the mating call of the asymmetrical haircut. TOPICS: Hand Genitals, What Sex Looks Like, Lesbian Sex Myths, Porn, Fingernails, Bi/Gay Comparisons, Turn-on Tips, Humping, Flirting, Awkward Friendships, Society, The Great Scissor Debate, Sexy Parties, Legos, Baby Dykes, Lesbian Bed Death, & Emotional Gang Bangs!

Standup comic Cameron Esposito has been featured at TBS’ Just For Laughs Chicago, SXSW & on NPR. Known for her “effervescent storytelling” (AV Club), Cameron came up in Chicago & moved to LA in 2012. She was named one of LA Weekly’s Comics to Watch in 2013 & is the host/creator of aspecialthing records’ Put Your Hands Together standup podcast &‘s WHAM BAM POW action movies podcast. PYHT currently runs every Tuesday at 8 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA.

Follow Cameron at @cameronesposito

Podcast links:

Put Your Hands Together’s Wham Bam Pow podcast


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  1. tre says:

    i really have an issue with anyone telling anyone else who they should be attracted to. some lesbians simply aren’t attracted to bi women — for various reasons — and their decision should be respected. Whether you think Cameron’s statement was anti-bi or not is not the point. Calling that out is great, but pushing the idea that everyone has to be sexually available to everyone is not ok. 

  2. Aurora says:

    This was a great show and it was wonderful to hear Cameron talk so candidly about sex between women.
    Sadly however, I agree with Ladybird that the show came off as quite anti-bi (so much so that it almost had me in a bundle of tears). Yet I stopped myself from crying by realising that Cameron was quite mistaken in her assumptions about what she called ‘bi’ women.
    Cameron said that she’s attracted to ‘lesbian women’ and not ‘bi women’, claiming that this is because bi women don’t get into sex between women as much as lesbians do.
    Really Cameron??
    Perhaps you mean ‘not so confident’, ‘shy’, or ‘just starting out’ women rather than ‘bi women’. It is wrong to assume that all bi women don’t get into sex between women, and that lesbians necessarily do.
    Sandra, you could have called her on this – especially as Cameron was making assumptions about your sexuality based on this view. (Goodness, she even congratulated you Sandra for sleeping with actual lesbians rather than only bi women!)
    I can only guess that this bi-phobia wasn’t completely shut down when it arose as there is SO much bi-phobia in lesbian communities that it seems really normal.
    However, it’s probably pretty hurtful for your core audience Sandra, as they seem a pretty fluid bunch. It certainly ostracised me. Perhaps you could get Cameron back to chat with other bi women and correct some of those misconceptions? Unfortunately I’m left with the erroneous idea that lesbians are cliquey and narrow-minded around sex….

  3. Kelsey says:

    This was a really great episode that came just at the right time. As someone who is just beginning to explore bisexuality this was the refreshing real talk I needed to hear. Plus it made me laugh a whole lot. Thanks to the both of you for this!

  4. ikkyu says:

    I really liked the interview and content on this episode, but I found the changing audio levels detracted from this somewhat. At times, I could barely hear either person so I’d turn the volume up, and then have to turn it back down again a few seconds later. It was a bummer because I really liked what I was hearing when I could hear it.

    Love the show in general, though.

  5. Sam says:

    PS Cameron talked about humping; the technique I give above involves a sort of humping. It’s sort of a hybrid between the lighter subtler ‘fingering’ and the intense and physical ‘humping’ (though I find you can be pretty light with it if you need to be).

  6. Sam says:

    You know, one thing I do to help with hand fatigue/cramping is to brace my hand against another part of my body (thigh, leg, stomach). This helps with leverage but you can also move the body part you’re bracing against instead of the hand, giving it even more of a rest.

  7. Ladybird says:

    I will say that it did feel kinda anti bi though :/ Which is a bummer.

  8. Ladybird says:

    This one was so mindbogglingly good! Cameron was great!

    I especially liked her observations about gender dynamics. I think they were spot on.

  9. Slyfox00 says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much for all those tips and tricks 😀

  10. tina v says:

    I am so glad you asked about the whole hand cramping up! I have arthritis in the hand and there is only so much pleasure my hand can give before it gives out.