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Episode 74: Sex Nerd Sandra
Blow Each Other Away!

Sex Nerd Sandra #74: Blow Each Other Away!

MOUTH ORGASMS, FACIAL FACIALS, & 90 DAYS OF ORAL SEX! Sex educator and author of “Blow Each Other Away” Jaiya Ma returns with partner D. Love to talk about their oral sex adventures. Sandra & Dave are hungry to learn! TOPICS: Hesitations, Sex Labs, Genital Slapping, Bedroom Biomechanics, Postions, P-spotting, Sexual Trajectories, D.Love’s Cunnilingus Delight, Motorboating, Hummers, Solo Oral, the White Tigress Practice, Acrobatic Oral, Pheremones, Pineapples & Genital Flavors, Oral Exercise, Damn Dental Dams & a Neato Skin Tightening Trick!

Jaiya is an award-winning sexologist, author of “Red Hot Touch,” and the founder of New World Sex Education.  She’s been featured on shows such as Good Morning America, The Doctors, Nightline, Anderson Cooper and Playboy TV. Through her dynamic teachings she’s helping women and men unleash their full erotic potential. Jaiya also hosts a weekly multi-media show that can be seen online at:

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Special Gift #1

New Audio Course! 10 Strategies for Becoming an Ultimate Lover w/Worksheets

Learn 10 ways that you can improve your skills as a lover.  From lasting longer in bed to opening yourself up to new adventures, I’ll give you practical tips and tools you can implement right away.  Comes with a worksheet to help you follow along and deepen your results.  For both men and women who really want to please their partner and gain more confidence in the bedroom!

Special Gift #2

Written E-Course! You’re Sexy When You Touch Like That

This E-Course teaches you the foundation for exquisite touch skill and creativity in the bedroom.   For those of you who loved my first bookRed Hot Touch, think of this course as the prequel.

Special Gift #3

Video! Techniques to Blow Each Other Away

I’ve put together some of my favorite oral techniques featured in the book and made a mini instructional video for you – Exclusively for people who take advantage of this offer!


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  1. jooooooz says:

    D. Love is an awlful name.

  2. Matt says:

    Another great podcast! Did you record this at a party? I heard loud music in the background the whole time.

  3. Ed says:

    Excellent! Still learning and loving it.