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Episode 70: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex Toys and Tangents

Sex Nerd Sandra #70: Sex Toys and Tangents

RULE 34, GLASS TOYS, & NAKED DANCE PARTY! Sandra & Dave get a surprise chance to be alone. TOPICS: Ridiculous Custom Vibrators, Mr. Bucket, Back Massagers, iPhone Humping, Toy Purchase Considerations, Body Unsafe Pthalates, Fancy Toys, Glass vs Pyrex Dildos, Team Fun Merch, Magic Wands, URL Pranks, Birthday Spankings, Sexual Larping, and Butt Massages for the Holidays!

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  1. Dez says:

    Aw, that is such a cute picture of you two! Friiiiiiiends!

    I would buy a Team Sandra AND a Team Dave shirt for me. And a Team Fun shirt. And a bag. So perhaps I’m not the most um, unbiased consumer.

  2. Scully says:

    I like you both so much I would have a hard time choosing between Team Dave or Team Sandra shirts.

    How about just “Team Fun” I would wear/pin/use things with this slogan.

  3. Nich Hustler says:

    Guys, I love this podcast. Even as a person with a relatively conservative lifestyle I find this show fantastic.

    And although this may not be as big a coincidence as I would think, since I live in South Africa and far away from America Land, Daniel Bedingfield did just play here a couple weeks ago and you mentioned him in the podcast. Also my band’s bassist Jes Bedingfield (not related), is a huge fan of Dave and goes nuts every time he communicates with her on twitter.

    I know it’s nothing, but it was a small joy to me linking all that together just now.

  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa guys. Curtis, I love your support and enthusiasm. Please leave room for other peeps’ insight and feelings. You both come from kind intentions.

    Jaxn, I appreciate the care and thought you put into your comment. Yes, I agree, there was some awkward steamrolling. Each episode is a different animal and we find a new balance each time. Please know its a good artistic instinct and at the same time, if you listen to a few more eps, you’ll see the balancing emerge.

    Cheers to you both! -Sandra

  5. Curtis says:

    @Jaxn – You clearly don’t get the dynamic of these guys, so instead of going into a long-winded rant about it I will present this

  6. Jaxn says:

    Sandra. First time listener. First let me say you are delightful and witty. I think you have a great thing going here.

    While I rarely can be bothered to write my “feels” on the internet, I felt compelled to share that with you, as well as this:

    Dave is wrong for this show. He is an anchor.
    He steamrolls your attempts to control YOUR show.
    It comes down to respect. Although he seemed to finally calm down, that first 15min were frustrating.

    “i don’t like your washing machine idea”
    “i don’t care about your naked dance party story you’re about to start. i want to talk about something else”

    anyway, GREAT PODCAST and keep it up girl!!

  7. Ha! Funny enough, the idea of a vibrating washing machine was killing me inside, too. That’s why I said it would have to be engineered and insulated in such a way as to handle those obvious obstacles to greatness.

    You’re the reason we’re sex NERDS, not sex geeks. Think onward!

  8. ladybird says:

    How to know you’re probably just a nerd and not a sex nerd:
    The thought of that washing machine puts you in to a cold sweat. Dampers(not the erotic kind either), resonance frequencies…oh god. Headache.