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Episode 69: Sex Nerd Sandra
Crazy Love
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #69: Crazy Love

LOVE IS LIKE COCAINE and other fun facts! HuffPost’s science correspondent Cara Santa Maria joins Sandra & Dave to discuss equations of the heart. TOPICS: Love Chemicals, Research, Feelings of Lust, Longevity & Bonding, Sandra’s Attachment Extraction, Hook Up Dilemmas, Companionship, Keeping the Fire, Intimacy & Touch, Addiction, Fiscal Responsibility, Heart Pains, Attraction in Friendship, Strength in Single-hood and Cara & Dave make bets on Sandra’s love life. Not fair, guys!!!


Cara Santa Maria is a North Texas native who currently lives in Los Angeles. Prior to moving to the west coast, she taught biology and psychology courses to university undergraduates and high school students in Texas and New York. Her published research has spanned various topics, including clinical psychological assessment, the neuropsychology of blindness, neuronal cell culture techniques, and computational neurophysiology. Most recently, she explored the mechanisms underlying adult neurogenesis in Taeniopygia guttata (the zebra finch).

Cara has a passion for science education, making it her mission to ensure that the fascination she feels for the natural world is accessible to as many people as possible. She has appeared on Larry King Live (CNN), Parker/Spitzer (CNN), Geraldo at Large (Fox News), and I Kid (TLC). She also co-produced and hosted a science talk show pilot for HBO. Recently, she co-hosted an episode of StarTalk Radio with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.


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  1. G.A. Foster says:

    Since following the work of Cara Santa Maria & Abby Martin, I have never been so well informed. The fact they are also very easy on the eyes makes them both VERY watchable. They’re knowledgeable, informative, fearless and honest. Being able to see through the corporate/political LIES as well as being an atheist puts US in the minority. But just knowing that WE’RE right gives us the advantage. Hopefully, history will prove us right, IF the powers that be don’t destroy us all first. Now, about those Bosnian Pyramids…..

  2. TheDingo says:

    Hehe… Episode 69.

  3. Psisax says:

    Am I the only one who started singing ~I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me~

  4. Andy Bodle says:

    Heartwarming episode! One thing I’d like to hear your thoughts on: how does knowing all this stuff about love and sex affect your own love life? Does everything not start to feel less magical and more animal/mechanical? (“Oh, that’ll just be the dopamine kicking in…”)

    I ask because I’ve been studying the science of dating and sex for five years now for my blog and I’m suddenly worried that I’m going to be analysing the crap out of every romantic attachment I make for the rest of my life. You can’t unlearn this stuff!

  5. ChadVanHalen says:

    Cara Santa Maria… Squee…

  6. Molly E says:

    This may be one of my favorite episodes ever. Feeling in love with the world right now. 🙂

  7. Todd Mason says:

    You indeed can hear the sounds of even more yearning, breaking (or at least heavily pumping) nerd-hearts than usual…and, yes, some of us voted. But Jill Stein, oddly, still didn’t win.

  8. Curtis says:

    I fell in love listening to this, but with everyone.