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Episode 56: Sex Nerd Sandra
Gay Potluck

Sex Nerd Sandra #56: Gay Potluck

BATH HOUSES, GAY SEX CULTURE, & ORDERING A NICE MAN ON THE INTERNET! Comedian Guy Branum and Sandra’s friend spill the lube on the fascinating world of man-on-man hookup culture. TOPICS: Fun with Grindr, Casual Jerk offs, Online Sex, Gay Bar Back Rooms, the Orientation Iceberg, Male Bisexuality & the Double Standard, the Hard Road Out of the Closet, Pretty Gay Boys, Bears & Hyper-Masculinity, Tips for Newbies, Sexellent Negotiation, and One Heck of an Eye Gaze! Sandra is very jealous of all of this.

Guy Branum is a writer and comedian best known for serving as “Staff Homosexual” on Chelsea Lately and his performance as Natalie Portman’s sassy gay friend in No Strings Attached. Noticing a trend? He’s appeared on E!, MTV, G4, CurrentTV and lots of other channels you’d need to upgrade your cable to watch. He’s also a writer for the new season of Punk’d on MTV and Fashion Police on E!. That means he’s watched the Grammys at Joan Rivers’s house. Jealous? Guy also writes for the “Gay Voices” section of The Huffington Post and occasionally makes web vidoes where he dances around without his shirt on. But mostly, Guy is very, very beautiful and good at having sex. Follow his twitter handle @GuyBranum.

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. JOHNHOLLAND says:

    IWHAT TO MEET NEW FRENes and have agood time

  2. David says:

    This was a great episode! But I love all the episodes. Talking about sex is awesome.

  3. SecretiveSlave says:

    I finally listened to this episode today and the discussion was really comforting. I consider myself a bisexual monogamous male and I’ve been married for over 10 years. I don’t ever cheat on my wife but I do fantasize about men often when I masturbate and your guests’ perspectives were comforting to me for some reason. Thanks again for an awesome show.

  4. James Jesus Christ says:

    Hey man, at least you said you mean no offense in the first post, it’s not like you really came off as a douche because I’d be a douche for attacking a way of thinking that probably isn’t actually meant to be harmful, at least you won’t turn off game of thrones cause I guy gets blown by another haha

  5. Vincent S says:

    lol, sorry that came off more offensive that I thought it would. REALLY don’t hate people who enjoy the company of the same sex. It’s more like a “gay men thing happens on tv” *neck turns head away automatically*

    I really want to be OK with homosexuality but every response I have is automatic and something I can’t control. I mean your a person, who likes other people, that’s all there is. Then my dickhead of a brain stops me from being normal about all of it and I want to somehow fix that, so that’s why I listened. LONG way from fixing my brain and I have no idea how to get to “I’m ok with gay men”. I don’t even know how I got homophobic…

    Gotta admit though, I wasn’t ready when Guy described things on the later end of the episode.

    Again, sorry. Don’t mean to hate but if I came off that way, I’m sorry.

  6. James Jesus Christ says:

    Dave is coming off like a douche so far, kind of intense and I’m sure he doesn’t mean it but it’s weird. Comment in the beginning then the “I’m good” then concerning receiving end of a dick.. meh I know he doesn’t mean it, probably just me but it sounds like it lol.

  7. James Jesus Christ says:

    Vincent S, Just imagine me blowing you and that should let you not be a gay hating dildo yes? Jokes but seriously man at least you’re not being a dick about it. So go ahead and learn, Everything is better with Pussy and Cock all up Everywhere my friend 🙂

  8. Jeff MacDonald says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. Thanks for this one.

  9. John B says:

    You’re a f-ing gobsh*te.

  10. John B says:

    You’re a f-ing gobshite.

  11. Vincent S says:

    Might be hard for me to listen to this (kinda passively homophobic (no hate, just don’t want to see it)) but I’ll listen anyways (Learning?…!…?). Might help in not being so homophobic… sorry gay people.

    Too bad Dave Ross isn’t here. hehe, probably uncomfortable about this (jk, dunno his reason, haven’t listened). Listening commence… after other Nerdist stuff.