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Episode 5: Sex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #5: Taboo

Girl-next-door Elaine Smith joins Comedian Dave Ross and Sex Nerd Sandra as they talk brothels, booty toys and a few more things a bit… taboo. They answer 2 listener questions on toys and blow jobs, then finish with a jovial roundtable discussion on hands-free BJ machines. Pictures at!

For pictures from this week’s recording, click here

Visit Elaine’s blog to hear the podcast with Sandra and learn more about Elaine.

Check out Dave’s website and follow him @DaveToTheRoss for more info and live dates.

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. Wayne says:

    You mentioned a device that was like “Oneiros” but there’s no link anywhere. Link?

  2. @Kassie – You’re in luck! This upcoming week’s podcast is Dave & Me talking to a Dominatrix. Stay tuned!

  3. Kassie says:

    First off, love the podcast its awesome. I would love it if you folks would do a podcast on like bondage or something. Thanksies

  4. Todd Mason says:

    “OK, OK…how ’bout ‘Spot Suite’?”

    All three of you, atop all else, have such great voices for this kind of discussion…verging on purring, but not quite the kind of ridiculously lubricious kind of affectation (except when you do want to affect it) that one associates with sex-chat audio of the less educational (or at least more breathless) kind.

    I remember that in the early/mid ’70s gadget guy/erotic fiction writer Richard Geis test-drove (rather literally) a hands-free electric device that plugged into the cigaret lighter in his car, a pumping sleeve of sorts. “But slow down when you come,” he suggested, in giving it a, um, thumbs up.

  5. Ray P says:

    What great show . In my opinion you’re so close to being the best podcast on this site.