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Episode 43: Sex Nerd Sandra
The Birds 'n' Bees: Teens

Sex Nerd Sandra #43: The Birds ‘n’ Bees: Teens

SNOWFLAKES! CROTCH POINTING! TEACHABLE MOMENTS! School sex educators Brynne Zaniboni & Melissa Soltman share their adventures in talking to adolescents about sex! Topics include: The Importance of Sex Ed, Common Classroom Questions, Pancake Uterus, Awkward Boners, Keeping it Scientific, Morning After Pill, When You Don’t Know the Answer and How to Keep it Casual. PLUS! Bonus intro: The Team Fun Origin Story!

You can follow Brynne Zaniboni onTwitter @Miss_Sex_Ed and email Melissa Soltman at [email protected]!

Resources! If you’d like some extra guidance with the birds & bees, checkout Scarleteen, Sex Etc, and this graphic novel-style teen sex ed site in the making!

Follow @DaveToTheRoss and @SexNerdSandra on Twitter! And visit Sex Nerd Sandra’s website for more sexy nerdiness!

Special thanks to Carvin for supplying us with the equipment we need to record this podcast! Check out for more information on recording equipment, guitars, amps and more!

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. Robin says:

    Holy crap, my middle school used the pancake puberty video too! The girls were weirded out and the boys were intrigued for a whole year until the genders got to watch each others’ videos.

    Kudos to all you sex educators. You’re doing good works.

    Looking forward to the survey. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Thank you so much. I wish there had been an open dialogue when i was younger, and that it didn’t take until now, at 23 for me to feel like I owned my sexual identity.

    Also, I found this video addressed some of the same conversation points:

  3. Yes, Go Team Fun! The census is in the works. Won’t be available for a few more weeks. It’s gonna be big. BIG! And I’m gonna need every last sex nerd to make this puppy count. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, SEX NERDS! … literally.

  4. onReload says:

    Everybody take a deep breath…aaaand…let it go…ahhhhh…

    I liked this episode a lot. Definitely the most interesting part of “sex education,” to me, anyway. It was a well paced episode, you guys got through all your topics and stuff, yet I still want 3 more hours of classroom techniques & cute/hilarious questions.

  5. markus says:

    Mell, this isn’t Facebook. Learn to fucking type like a human being.

    • Mell says:

      Wow thanks for insightful and helpful comment Markus although I am fully aware this is not facebook what I am not aware of was the location of the census her website seemed like a reasonable place to ask the question so again thank you! You will notice that everything on this comment is not in short hand so you don’t have to stretch your brain capacity to much : ) xxx

  6. Mell says:

    Were is the nerd census I really wanna fill it in!!!! Lol iv only just started listening but iv been listening to like 4 a day haha xxxxxxxx

  7. Mell says:

    Were is the sex nerd census I really wanna fill it in!!!! Lol