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Episode 41: Sex Nerd Sandra
Orgasms for Everybody!

Sex Nerd Sandra #41: Orgasms for Everybody!

MASTURBATION MYTHS! THE BEST CURE FOR THE HICCUPS EVER! SCIENCE! Sexologist Megan Andelloux joins us to talk orgasmic science & pleasure. Topics include: Vibrator Diet, The Joy of Earning It, Nerve Pathways, Medical Textbook Errors, Mental Orgasms, Awkward Roommate Moments and the Truth about the G-Spot.


Megan Andelloux is the founder and director of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, is certified as a Sexuality Educator through The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and works as a board certified Sexologist through The American College of Sexologists. She has worked full-time in the field of Sexuality Education for more than a fourteen years.


Andelloux can be found online at and/or She can be found on Tumblr at HiOhMegan, Twitter @HiOhMegan and Facebook at Megan Andelloux.  She is completely searchable.

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  1. Debbie says:

    There is nothing regressive about vibrator use. Masturbation is about goal achievement, and boy howdy, do those wonderful machines achieve their goal. It doesn’t mean you can’t come a different way, but it shouldn’t be objectively preferable to have one type of orgasm over another. When not talking about masturbation, but the ability to achieve orgasm in general, vibrators become even more essential and awesome because they can provide the stimulation needed to come over and over again in rapid succession and give your living, breathing, hard working partner a brand new sensation they were previously unaware of. Those vibrations are not completely absorbed by you, but rather, transmitted. Most guys don’t think to buy a vibrator for themselves. But when they get to feel those vibrations through a shaky quakey outlandishly orgasmic partner, they get hooked. It makes sense. What’s hotter and better than super sexy girlfriend? Super sexy girlfriend with miraculously vibrating vagina!

  2. Tahlia says:

    Thank you so much for these podcasts, they’re not only extremely educational, but so entertaining, and I love them. Help me feel so much more comfortable with understanding anything sexually related.
    Dave’s roommate story was absolutely hilarious. I spilt water everywhere in the process of falling off my chair laughing.

    In particular, would love to hear more about lgbt related topics.

    Love you guys.

  3. Todd Mason says:

    Well…as some demonstrate, we still have a way to go before people everywhere can be liberated from seeing their sexual selves solely in a negative light (to say the least).

    I would suggest that beyond simply the matter of who gets to control bodies, those who try to prohibit masturbation in others hope to harness the repressed energy in other ways. Certainly, furthering hostility toward one’s own needs and desires can aid in making others people’s needs and desires seem unimportant or even actively wrong, and there are all kinds of ways that powerful people can exploit that dynamic in their fellows.

    Meanwhile, there are still cranks in biology who either out of unbearable guilt or seeking to please big money one way or another are prone to insist the most ridiculous things…such as those who can still insist that other animals can’t really feel pain, or at least not as we understand and feel pain (as if this was a sophisticated concept only hominids could process). The kind of folks who make clear what kind of BS in biology they’ve picked up in their careers…

  4. McFeely says:

    I call false advertising I didn’t have an orgasm…. oh wait….. never mind… please continue… don’t judge me!!

    :p Great show

  5. Brando says:


    I like what you said about misinformation in text books. I live in Oklahoma where an unfortunate percentage of the population is comprised of conservative bible-thumping ass kittens and I witnessed this misinformation first hand just last night. My little brother was reading in his history textbook about the Kennedy administration and he was shocked by how the book unabashedly reamed Kennedy, making him out to be the worst President ever, and then turned around and praised Nixon as this exemplary leader whose strength and discisive nature were “misunderstood” and mistreated by the media.

    Thank God my little bro is actually a thinker, but some of these kids eat it up, and why shouldn’t they? A history textbook as seen as this piece of unbiased literature. It just goes to show that you can’t even trust what you read, any more than what you see and hear.

  6. Nich Hustler says:

    Hey Dave and Sandra,

    Thanks for the show, I’ve been listening for a while and I love it. As a person who was once a fairly conservative christian and is now more liberal but still very much christian. I just wanted to throw out my view on masturbation.

    As a non married man, and someone who doesn’t engage in premarital sex. The problem I have with masturbation personally is that I need porn or imagery to make it work for me, and then from what I understand a large majority women in the sex industry are not having the best life. This wasn’t the life they had imagined for themselves and for whatever reason they needed to sell their bodies to make ends meet. I feel that by using porn I am contributing to the brokeness that I see around me.

    But then my only alternative is to turn to my imagination, which then means using imagery of my friends and people I know as my “porn”. Which I feel even less comfortable about. Because those people mean far more to me than just being objects of sexual desire.

    So it’s a catch 22 kind of. Although I don’t believe in guilt and when I need to get off I am going to enjoy it thoroughly. I try and keep my days full and productive to the point where masturbation doesn’t occur to me (oh the hours I have wasted doing that, Chris Hardwick’s book is helping me to achieve more.

    All that said, I don’t feel my views of preferring to abstain from masturbation are irrational. Although that clearly wasn’t the view of that one girls parents (disabled people girl). I personally just don’t want to be taking advantage of people while they are at their lowest moment, I have never personally met a girl who dreamed of becoming a sex worker, although I am sure some might exist it must be incredibly rare.

    Thanks again for the great show.