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Episode 30: Sex Nerd Sandra
Harem Hottie

Sex Nerd Sandra #30: Harem Hottie

SEX WORK! HOT MONOGAMY! FEMALE ORGASM! Author and performer Jillian Lauren shares how she went from a teenage stripper to harem hottie for the Prince of Brunei. It’s a fascinatingly true tale. ALSO: Weezer gossip, wishful threesomes, infertility, tips for hot monogamy, your body connection, faking orgasms and a whole lotta honesty.

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  1. Lauren says:

    SOOO Happy to see Jill on your podcast!

  2. CoD says:

    Since this show was about the “ultra-mega-high priced” prostitution really (i.e. the kind us mere mortals can’t afford), how about an episode on prostitution in general?
    I myself am dependent on sex workers to have any sex whatsoever since no “civilian” women are interested in fucking me. 🙁

    • Andreas says:

      Im sure you could, it would just take a loooot of energy and time. And youd have to lower your standards. Maybe worth it when you want a family anyways. Thats my advice anyhow.

  3. Ganfrond says:

    Surprised that you didn’t ask more about her *feelings* about being in the harem. Like, did she gun really hard to become one of his favored women? Did she have expectations for how long she would be there? Did she feel like she was treated well (respected)?

    I’m sure that’s all in the book, though!

  4. Rob J says:

    Damn fun, less sex-talky, more podcasty episode. Awesome harem story.

  5. Jake says:

    I am one of those million viewers! I feel happy about that