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Episode 29: Sex Nerd Sandra
The Man Box

Sex Nerd Sandra #29: The Man Box

Dr. Shira Tarrant and Sandra talk men. Dave busts into the Friend Zone. Topics include: Owning Who You Are, Feminism, Sexy Consent, Alpha vs Beta Males, Dancing, Dial-up Modem Impressions and Sandra’s Bend-Over-Boyfriend experience.

You can check out Dr. Shira Tarrant’s website at For writing submissions for the 2nd edition of “Men Speak Out: Views of Gender, Sex and Power” you can email her at ShiraTarrant (at) Yahoo (dot) com.

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  1. Michael says:

    I wanted to comment on part of this podcast where you covered feminism and would like to hear your (Sandra’s) opinion…

    First off I do not, and most likely will never label myself a feminist. The best way to describe my opinions would be to call me a humanist.

    I don’t know if I can agree, or even feel comfortable with the notion that feminism is not simply about woman being more dominate. The reality is the basis of feminism (beyond the historical roots, being that it was created to divide up the family) is to try and give woman the feeling of dominance over men. Woman are stronger and provide more because they carry and bare children. Woman are stronger cause they deal with menstruation every month. Or the other approach… Men are evil, men are suppressors, men are the rapists. These are very common beliefs in the feminist ideology and to label yourself as a non-supiriorty feminist is oxymoronic and uncomforting.

    Would you maybe reconsider and maybe call yourself (as I understand from your opinions expressed in this podcast) a humanist. A person who supports neither men nor woman as superior but rather equal in their own rights. Women are great and can do almost as much as men. Men are great and can do almost as much as women. This I feel is a better way to express ones self and I feel will bring us closer as a species rather than through feminism.

    Thanks for your comments…

  2. Jason says:

    This podcast was interesting, but not very helpful. The points made depended largely on useless labels. The duality of nice guy/jerk, alpha/beta or nice girl/bitch are fallacies. These dualities do not exist in authentic communication and vulnerability. True connection, sexual or platonic, depends on the ability to own what you want and ask for it unapologetically in the most effective way for the individual.

  3. sm says:

    Men who like Animal Collective a lot….

    Hey! How’s it going?

  4. sorin7486 says:

    @Shayna in my experience some women do that too, not just men. I think it’s because it sounds less serious and people are more comfortable with those terms, but it comes from a lack of practice in communication. And yes, it should most definitely stop. Over here, because of the language difference, it’s usually “boys and girls” or even worst, “chicks and hunks” (for lack of a better translation).

  5. Shayna says:

    I really enjoyed this conversation but one thing struck me as really telling: in a conversation about gender roles and one that consistently asserted women’s equality to men (which is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish I’ll leave alone), Dave always referred to females as “girls.” Now, I like Dave and I’m pretty sure the clubs he goes to are not the Babysitters Club. I’m a woman, please and thanks!

    As sort a related observation, I thought it was interesting that this topic and specifically the dating aspects tended to split into a “girls and guys” vs. the “women and men” terminology I’m more used to hearing from you.

    Keep up the great show!

  6. Billy says:

    Just The Tip: Consent

    I always go by the old standby: “Yes means Yes.”

    If you are uncertain about consent, you don’t have it.

  7. sorin7486 says:

    I bought the book but I was really disappointed to see so many of the stories actually revolving around feminism. Personally I think men have their own issues to solve, some of which have nothing to do with women. But the almost complete lack of discussion on the subject is disturbing.

  8. Vincent K. says:

    Dammit, *Tarrant*

  9. Vincent K. says:

    The podcast gave her email address as Shira (underscore) Terrant (at) yahoo (dot) com.