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Episode 21: Sex Nerd Sandra
Women's Seduction Tips

Sex Nerd Sandra #21: Women’s Seduction Tips

It’s time to turn the tables! Life Impassioned coach Alicia Cybulski joins us for a live NerdMelt show on how to get the boy! We share simple tips on flirting, touch, and how to rock your sexy self with pride.

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  1. Eddy says:

    Here are some more tips <a href=””>vrouwen versieren doe je zo,/a>

  2. Paula says:

    I have to say, I found some of this episode to be awfully… judgy. Like why are we sitting here judging other women for showing interest in someone? It’s this idea of “smart flirting” and then these other “girls” are characterized as ditzy, high voiced idiots.

  3. lcm says:

    I listened to this on Friday and put all the seductions tips to use Friday night. The exposed neck, the softly pursed lips, the coy looks from across the room, the being alone–and it totally worked! I don’t know how many men I eye fucked on Friday, but I felt like a rockstar. It was an awesome confidence booster to go home to my fiance with 😉

  4. Z says:

    Very unfortunate ‘just the tip’ by the guest, and so depressing. “Just wait longingly at the side and make eyes and you *might* get lucky” o.O

    This was an… uncomfortable episode, and considering how much I’ve loved all the others, this… erm…

  5. Moeez says:

    “Ugh, you’re killing me. I don’t want to put my penis anywhere near your face now.” Oh man, I laughed at that way harder than I should! 😛

  6. sarge says:

    funny and depressing at the same time