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Episode 154: Sex Nerd Sandra
Quickie - Wet Newlyweds

Sex Nerd Sandra #154: Quickie – Wet Newlyweds

CAN YOU BE TOO LUBRICATED? Sandra answers her inbox, wrestling with a genital and relationship conundrum. TOPICS: Erotic Hypnosis, Quickie Lengths, Sex Friction, Fast Sex, Kitty Litter, Selfish Spouses, Being on Team Fun, and The Whole Point of Sex.

Photo by Porter Shots 


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  1. nate says:

    no jts a short podcast….:( different positions would work. if that doesnt work he has a problem….

  2. something I wasn't supposed to see says:

    What is this!? How I did I get here?! Where are the comics?!?

  3. dannycodes says:

    This is why sex and living together before marriage are completely necessary.  Put religion aside and just look at living together.  I’ve had a few really great friends and then those friends turned into roommates and it was the WORST thing that could have happened to us.  Because we weren’t compatible living together.  Luckily we’re just friends and we were able to move out and salvage the friendship.  But with marriage it is completely different.  If you go into a marriage blind, you’re going to get hit with things that completely throw you off, and can honestly ruin said marriage.

    What they like and don’t like should have been discussed long before they said “I do”.  Even if they didn’t act on what they were into, it should have been talked about.  It is a shame that people aren’t willing to talk about this kind of stuff more often.  What’s even more sad is that this poor girl feels stuck and unwanted because her husband isn’t willing to compromise and think about someone other than himself and his dick.

    You should feel comfortable in every way with someone way before you ever say yes to being with them the rest of your life and when you get hit with these curve-balls after the fact is the reason divorce rates are at an all time high.

    Sorry for my rant!  Love the podcast!

  4. Meow says:

    this is just an idea for the woman who gets more lubricated then her husband enjoys, it could be good or really bad, but what about wearing a tampon during foreplay and taking it out before penetration.